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Thumbs up Mail: A Ton of 1/1s! And one member here is going to hate me...

Start slow... this is /99.

Loved the patch on this one...

Jersey number rookie auto! Ebay 1/1!

To keep moving towards my rainbow... some 1/1 plates!

Glad that Panini is getting Jordy into some new product!

Going for the rainbow! I have the Emerald Green /5 coming...


One of the NT autos I was missing is finally found... /10

1/1 Casey Hayward... love the Green Bay skyline shot. Oh, and these are on-card despite the look for a giant sticker. Not sure how I feel about that...

And, I got a Superfractor! This card is just BEGGING for an autograph...

And, Jack... you are gonna hate me. Got this...

To go with this...
Jordy Nelson PC:
Aaron Rodgers PC:
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