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Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
The sale thread from last night:

So, how did you acquire them?

Well as some of you know I collect errors. I bought one of these quite awhile back to add to the errors I do have. Then another one popped up so I bought it too. Then another and another and another. So I started to gather information about them. What regions they were coming from and what packs they were being pulled from.

I contacted Topps about them but have not gotten a reply. I have also contacted the Cardinals team but again have not gotten a reply.

Originally I reached out to Topps once I found out this was such a widespread issue and offered what I thought was a fantastic solution. I thought Topps could put the message out to collectors who had these that there was a mistake and that they were working on finding out what happened to make sure it doesn't happen again.

I thought an excellent way to handle it would be to offer anyone who had one to send them in and they would get them signed by Mr. Taveras with a special color ink, like say red ink, and send them back to the collectors. They could have even taken it a step further and had each card authenticated and slabbed by BGS with special Topps label or something.

This would have required a bit of work on Topps part but seeing he is a very popular player and it was such a widspread problem I though it would show they cared and were trying to make things better.
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