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Originally Posted by nabzy28 View Post
I hope not. Seriously - if they still have the SI Swimsuit license, why the heck aren't they making that? You can't find boxes of that stuff anywhere anymore. There are autos in that stuff that pull well over $100 each and were never overly difficult to pull, except for a select few. The 2007 and 2008 products, you couldn't even go wrong. Box would be around $70 and you could easily recoup costs, and a lot more in many instances. They never answer emails at Stellar, so who knows?
yeah other places that also had a pre-sale, no longer have it as a pre-sale.. they must've cancelled the product because it's nowhere on ebay either. I was just curious about the product if it were made. My LCS still has a few boxes of whichever SI product came in that little black box
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