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Default The MMBTVS 365 day challenge.....

Okay folks this is how it will work. It's actually really simple. Day 1 you post that you are in the challenge and start your post off with the words day 1. Every day after that (going by EST) you must quote your previous post and add day 2, and so forth. First person to reach 365 days wins. If there is a tie, I'll use to break it.

I will occassionally edit a question into the first post (this one) that needs to be answered the following day. For example if I posted today what is your favorite ice cream flavor 4/7/13. On April 7th you need to include your favorite ice cream flavor with your post.

If you edit any of your posts you have to start over. If you miss a day, you need to start over.

If I think you suck, I will not count your attempt as legitimate.

Good luck everyone.

Prize TBD based on what you collect.

I may change some rules along the way if something is brought to my attention that I did not think of at this moment.

4/9/13 - who won the ncaa mens basketball championship?

4/11/13 - Include a funny picture of a dog. (no gifs)

4/13/13 - Name one of my cats.

4/14/13 - Who's your daddy?

4/15/13 - What's the best thing you've ever won?

4/17/13 - Who won my 24 hour challenge?

4/20/13 - What?

4/21/13 - Link me!

4/23/13 - Who's a beautiful lady? (not a hot lady, there's a difference) pictures please.

4/24/13 - What does my username stand for?

4/26/13 - recipe time, but it cannot be a recipe for food.

4/27/13 - Name every player the New York Giants have drafted thus far in 2013 (Hint: Depending on what time of day you post, the answers will be different)

4/29/13 - What's my middle name? (Hint: I hid it somewhere on the forum)

4/30/13 - Today only, do not quote your previous entry, instead, quote the two prior to that.

5/9/13 - How many days has it been between edits to this post?

5/13/13 - What card did I recently sell on ebay?

5/14/13 - What was the first card forum I was a member of?

5/15/13 - What state did my mother's mother live in when she passed last year?

5/17/13 - How many sacks did Lawrence Taylor have in his career?

5/18/13 - What big announcement did I make on 5/16/13?

5/19/13 - What 2 teams do I pc?

5/21/13 - Name a forum member that you look up to? (not me)

5/22/13 - What was your favorite year of product?

5/26/13 - What do you take for a headache?

5/27/13 - Starting today, you must not have an avatar until further notice.

5/28/13 - What's the first product you remember opening?

5/29/13 - What's in your pockets?

5/30/13 - How often do you beat the baco's?

5/31/13 - Use a smaller font today.

6/1/13 - Use only capital letters.

6/2/13 - Casually add the word fart to your signature, leave it there for 7 days.

6/3/13 - What's for breakfast?

6/5/13 - Who's got scars? Where? From what?

6/6/13 - Post nonsense.

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