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Darn you had me excited when you said you had one from Nick Saban.I emailed last summer and they tried to get me to buy a replica lol.A fellow NC member too nice.I can go ahead and tell you if you ever try that both Mack Brown and Chip Kelly(oregons football coach) both send a preprinted,Macks was atleast a 8x10 unlike Kellys postcard lol.I never got anything back from Bryce last year and I think I sent it rather early.I dont think Strasburg signs either,I read where he has his own room in the Nationals Park thats filled with mail to him.However if you want a prospect that I did have success with then try Mike Trout.I wish I had sent him a 8x10 but it was just a 5x7 and he signed it.Also got Moustakas last year,signed a baseball on the sweet spot.

I know all of yours is mostly baseball lol but by far the best fan package I got was from the Timberwolves,I asked if I could have something of Ricky Rubio in my fan pack and they sent me a tshirt jersey lol how sweet is that!
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