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Default Stay away from BillyHo2012

I just wanted to let everybody know of my experience with BillyHo2012
because he has been posting a lot of stuff for sale lately. On 9/30 I paid for 3 cards ($8) and was provided a tracking number on 10/2. The tracking number never showed a scan so for the last few days, I have been sending him a p.m. about this. Yesterday I filed a Paypal claim since I did not hear back from Billy and noticed he has been active in posting. Today, he sends me a message stating that he has been busy with personal issues and he will send this weekend. Again, I asked for a refund and left negative feedback.

Billy, if you read this, next time if you are not going to ship in a timely manor, state that during the sale. If things come up, notify the buyer immediately. If you have time to post, you had time to send me a P.M.

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