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Default Nauticamc'2 Monthly Group Break #9

I am broadcasting live at nauticamc2pj on USTREAM: Group Break. Other Sports come and check it out!

Hey guys...looking to get a group back together to have a monthly group break. Members will select products for voting by the group. See below for further details.

Here is the break down of the group;

* 16 members
* There will be three break options to vote on each month...with a mix of team and hit drafts
* $40 payment must be paid by the 2nd Sunday of each month (see price break down below)
* Members names will be randomed each month my a mod for both team draft and hit drafts. Lists will be randomized three times.
* If a team draft is selected for the month, the draft will begin once the members are randomized.
* The break will happen on the 3rd Friday of each month at 9PM EST on UStream...I will post the link ahead of time.
* Any trades must be completed between members in the group and must be
posted in the forum no later than 2 hours before the break. I will pm both
members to confirm the trade.
* Subscribe to this thread so you don't miss voting or drafting opportunities!
* All cards will be shipped by the following Monday or sooner with DC, if you would like insurance on your card(s) pm me after the break

Who gets what card?

* If a card is of a player in college uniform, the player goes to the team who drafted him.
* If the card is not of a NFL player or the player was not drafted, then the card will be randomed by a mod to the group
* Cards with multiple players will go to the member who has 51% or more of the teams on the card, if no one has 51% or more of the teams then the card will be randomed by a mod between the members who have a player on the card.

Price break down

* $40 a month total
,* $1.46 pay pal fees (2.9% +.30)
* $2.80 USPS first class
* $1.74 supplies (top loaders, team bags, bubble mailers, printer ink, etc)

So that leaves $544.00 a month for boxes ($34*16=$544, $6.00*16=$96


* If a card wins the best pull of the month the box will be broken between the
* If a member fails to pay by the deadline, a current member will be offered that spot first, then a back up will take his spot in the group, the member will have the option to be placed at the bottom of the backup list
* All base cards will be donated to my LCS, unless someone wants them all (hit draft style only). If team draft is selected, you will recieve all base from those teams drafted.
* If you hit a card valued at $250, I will ask you pay for upgraded shipping costs...priority mail, insurance, signature confirmation (around $8)
* If you would like the base slot shipped you will need to pay an additional $6 for shipping

If you have questions or suggestions please let me know thanks.

Most of all I want this to be fun...if you can't have fun and participate then please don't join.

1. Carp1333 - PAID
2. Nauticamc2 - PAID
3. abrenbuensuceso - PAID
4. tke96 - PAID
5. Namtip - PAID
6. carp1333 - IN
7. popmaz - PAID
8. Selexin - PAID
9. usafshelland - PAID
10. Whodatnation - PAID
11. Bbluebanshee - PAID
12. Jackal726 - PAID
13. lostpatrol - PAID
14. 78yankees - PAID
15. gadawgs29 - PAID
16. carp1333 - PAID


6. carp1333 - Kaep GS
12. Jackal726 - Eli Manning Game Used Sticker Auto /10
9. usafshelland - Kenny Stills On Card Auto Atomic Die Cut /25
16. carp1333 - /484 Joseph Randle – 2013 Platinum 2 color 4 breaks (patch auto)
3. abrenbuensuceso - Quinton Patton /99
7. popmaz - /59 Markus Wheaton – 2013 Platinum 2 color (patch)
14. 78yankees - Tom Brady Game Used one color /99
10. Whodatnation - Terrance Williams Sticker Patch Auto (2 color) /484
5. Namtip - Torrey Smith Patch Auto (1 color) /525, ayers auto
4. tke96 - rookie refractor slot, ron johnson auto
13. lostpatrol - Zach Ertz Jumbo Jersey Sticker Auto, Hamilton auto
11. Bbluebanshee - Jordan Reed patch auto, /299 Richard Dent one color GU
15. gadawgs29 - warren moon gu, Dareus gu
8. Selexin - Cecil Shorts auto, Zach Line On-Card Auto /150
2. Nauticamc2 - insert slot, base slot
1. Carp1333 - Kendricks and Rodgers autos

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