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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
I am implementing a tax on everyone who forgets their username AND/OR uses the wrong address.

$5 each transgression! Payable via donation here:


If you are INTERNATIONAL, please pm me for an updated total!

There may be an error or two in the list below. Just let me know and I will correct it.

Ok, your total is in red and includes your combined shipping/supplies/paypal fees to the best of my ability.

Supplies I averaged out to $2. Some spots will be less and some will be much, much more.

Signature for totals over $250 = $2.45

Shipping went like this:

1 spot = $3.00 ($5.45 signature)
Small Flat Rate = $6.50 ($8.95 signature) (2 to 5 chrome spots)
Medium Flat Rate = $12.40 ($14.85) (6 to 13 chrome spots)
Large Flat Rate = $17.05 ($19.50) (14 to 26 chrome spots)
Express = $24.458

Please got to to pay and copy your lot below and put it in the comments section with your username. You can also use if the link will not work for you.

Make sure your address is correct! <---- I cannot emphasize this enough!

Payment deadline is Saturday (2/5) at 8pm EST.



BCD-137 Kyle Tucker - Houston Astros $22 Stewfan14
All AFLAC, PG, UA autos $94 Stewfan14
4 $116 $4.00 $127.90

Originally Posted by Stewfan14 View Post
Sorry, but I did not see my total on the payment information for the UU, Aflac auto spot and the Kyle tucker chrome spot...username Stewfan_14.
It's there. I quoted it to help you out.
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