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Originally Posted by GoTribe!!! View Post
Some great movies mentioned in this thread. Here are two that I really like that I don't believe have been mentioned.

Dead Birds (2004) - IMDb

Night of the Demons (1988) - IMDb
Added Night of the Demons to my watchlist. I'll watch basically any 80's horror movie ever.

Originally Posted by tolrobb View Post
although it gets hated on quite a bit, i'm a big fan of the found footage genre, but this one didn't really do it for me. if you or anyone else likes this kind of movie, i recommend the following:

inner demons (on netflix)
the taking of deborah logan (on netflix)
grave encounters
the houses october built
I just watched Deborah Logan a few weeks ago, and it was pretty fun. The internet brought up a lot of plot holes (i.e. in real life we would've done this and not this) but if you can push those aside it's a nifty little found footage film.
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