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Originally Posted by Zoop View Post
Unlike baseball or other sports, it's more subjective with wrestling. Do you value the best athletes? The best speaker? The biggest personalities? I'd value a Joke Roberts auto over a Hulk Hogan auto, for example, because Hogan can't wrestle and never could; despite this, he's probably the best hit in the collection.
Watch Hogan's matches from New Japan in the late 80s/early 90s. I know it's cool to hate on Hogan, but to say he can't wrestle is a bit of a stretch.

To answer the previous poster's question, in terms of monetary value I'd rank them:
1. Hogan
2. Flair
3. Bret Hart
4. Jake Roberts
5. Bruno Sammartino

I could easily see Roberts being #2 or 3 on this list. He was very popular. Sheik, Abdullah, Piper, Hall, and Nash should also do well. As a matter of fact, if this is the actual checklist it is pretty strong. There is not one name on there that I would turn down.
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