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Originally Posted by Bobcat88 View Post
HAHAHA. That's one of the most absurd things I've read all month. You think David Booth will score more GOALS next year than he had POINTS this year? Nobody in the NHL not named Ovechkin scored more than 46 goals this year... and all of a sudden, Booth and Hossa will be in the 60's? Not happening. Period.
I told you it was off the wall. Not sure it was absurd though. I'm stocking up on David Booth rookie cards at the moment... maybe I should have just shut up about it.

Anyway, new deals signed.

Bouwmeester signs with Calgary Bouwmeester gives Flames top-notch defence corps

Havlat signs with the Wild Havlat signs six-year, $30M deal with Wild

Madden signs with the Blackhawks Madden signs one-year deal with Blackhawks

Cammalleri signs with the Canadiens Canadiens sign sniper Cammalleri for five years

Anderson signs with Colorado Report: Avalanche ink goaltender Anderson

plus we already know about Gaborik to the Rangers and Hossa to the Blackhawks, as well as Gomez to the Canadiens.

Bouwmeester Analysis: If they keep Phaneuf, the Flames defense and power play gets real scary. They lost Cammalleri but they can plug in a decent shooter with Iginla and he'll score goals. Kipper is one year older and time is running out on this team to win a Stanley Cup, so they loaded up for bear this year. (Over Under 60 points/ Under

Havlat Analysis: Wild replaced one injury prone winger with an attitude problem for another injury prone winger with an attitude problem. Havlat is morphing into a sandpaper type player who can score a lot of goals too. I can't tell you how many times I considered racking an opponent in a game, but Havlat has done it. If he stays healthy playing with Koivu he is going to rack up a ton of points. (Over Under 60 games/ Under)

Madden Analysis: A center to take pressure off of John Toews (who showed it late last season) and a penalty kill expert. I think this move, even more than Hossa, makes Chicago a contender. (Over Under 10 Short Handed Goals/ Over)

Cammalleri Analysis: Meh, the quietest 65 points scored in a season for a while now, we keep expecting more and keep getting disappointed. I'm not sure where he even fits on this team.(Over Under 80 points/ Under)

Anderson Analysis: He's the de facto #1 goaltender in Colorado unless Budaj shows up this year, in that case its up to the Avs whether or not they want to have another Budaj Call (sorry, couldn't resist). (Over Under 30 wins/ Over)

Gaborik Analysis: See Havlat analysis, only Gaborik seems to be a softer player... and he single handedly f--ked up my fantasy hockey team this year, so he's dead to me, dead I tell you. (Over Under 30 goals/ Under)

Hossa Analysis: I see a 60 goal season coming riding shotgun with John Toews on the power play, just don't expect much in the playoffs, he's starting to be the A-Rod of hockey, minus the steroids, the fling with Madonna, and the media circus that follows him around. Great regular season stats with mediocre playoff results. (Over Under 50 goals/ over)

Gomez Analysis: And the first GM fired in 2009-10 is? (Over Under 30 Games Before he wears out his welcome/ Under)
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