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Thanks for the scans, everyone.

Originally Posted by base set View Post
I'll look into this later for you, I collect the wrappers as I go, but I'm out the door just now to .... go buy baseball cards.

Want a challenge? Try and get these off the pack for 2013 Opening Day. Hard to scan or photograph. One of the few packs I have ever seen with the odds for the Short Prints, listed as "Variations" at 1:617. Hard pulls too, I never got one despite ripping lots and lots of the product. And there are variations in the packages and odds too with different product combos, and I mean on the 7 card packs, not the 7 vs the racks.

I have some of those sorted out, let me know if you want to see the images.
I have Opening Day done. Yeah, they are impossible to scan. If you have any with different odds than here, let me know.

Not shocking that they have different odds for the "same" packs. I was doing 2013 S1 this year and noticed different odds for hangers from Target/WMT/TRU. Specifically, Target exclusive hangers had Chasing the Dream autos at 1:375 and a non-exclusive hanger was at 1:376.

Platinum Parallel - Target 1:4480, non-exclusive 1:5120
Greats Red parallel - Target 1:577, non-exclusive 1:583

Really strange.
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