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Default 4x Benchwarmer vault

Inner boxes were

Someone else mentioned that you can guess internal box by weight and I will confirm that. Lighter box is likely a better box.

40 Total hits

From the 1997 box
Suzi Simpson Auto

From the 2002 box
Allison McCurdy Auto
Tamie Sheffield Auto

From the World cup box
Kasie Head Auto

From the 2005 Sig box
Alex Agar auto
Al Almasi auto x2
Alejandra Gutierrez Auto
Candi Kita auto
Tiffany Holiday Auto
Rachel Sterling Auto
Laura Davis Auto
Allegra Wynne Auto
Darey Donavan Auto
Brandy Flores auto pink foil 7/15 hand numbered
Rashida Roy 5/150 auto hand numbered

From the foil packs
Tatiana Anderson auto
Katie Lohmann Auto
Kathryn Smith auto
Alicia Arden Auto
Zoe Gregory Auto
Maria Esposito Auto
Holly Huddleston
Jaime Hammer auto 2x different
Nicole Bennett auto
Krisi Ballentine Auto
Lindsey Roeper auto

Kari Ann Peniche Swatch
Nicole Bennett Swatch

Flo Jalin Kiss
Nikki Ziering Kiss

Halloween autos
Alicia Arden
Jessica Rockwell
Tiffany Selby
Camille Anderson

Vault Exclusive autos
Katie Lohmann
Colleen Shannon /25
Colleen Shannon
Cindy Margolis

Overall a great quantity but not as much quality as Archive

Scan or more specifics on request
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