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Originally Posted by chris_ac View Post
You do realize they want to seriously take away pre-existing conditions from healthcare coverage? I find that very offensive and you should too. My costs are already going to shoot up for me personally next year because of red state politicians not forking up funding. For all the bravado I get from my doctors about the care they offer, itís not whatís it cracked up to be. I wish I could move, but Iím at the late stages of CF and just staying in my home nearly everyday is all I can do to extend my life. I live with my parents and I wouldnít have been here today without them, but thatís where my blessings end. Itís just me and my parents. The world is not kind. We get by like everyone, but realize the ignorance and arrogance apparent in certain states and the anthem kneeling in question is a way to push back. I applaud it.
Not a single player kneeling is doing it for you or anything associated with you

But go ahead and applaud it just because itís Anti government
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