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Default 2010 Bowman STEPHEN STRASBURG RED Rookie 1/1 "Where Will It End" PROMO

On the heals of the Strasburg SUPERFRACTOR, The STEPHEN STRASBURG 2010 Bowman RED Rookie RC 1/1 is up on Ebay with 5 + days left. Similar to the SUPERFRACTOR, this is a more traditional 1 of 1 Base card. You can kind of say this is part 2 of the TRI-FECTA. The third part would be the 1 of 1 AUTO Strasburg.

With that said, Lets run a "WHERE WILL IT END CONTEST" so everyone can get involved and we'll give out 2 FREE BOXES of 2010 BOWMAN BASEBALL BLASTERS !

Here's the link:
STEPHEN STRASBURG 2010 Bowman RED Parallel RC 1/1 - eBay (item 320541761126 end time Jun-07-10 19:00:26 PDT)

Here's how it works:
1) Guess the closing price of the STEPHEN STRASBURG 2010 Bowman RED Parallel RC 1/1
2) Each member is allowed 1 guess so Make it count !
3) Guesses will be allowed up until MIDNIGHT Eastern Time on June 6th
4) If the ebay auction is compromised in any way (ie. ended early), we will use our discretion to determine if it is possible to fairly declare a winner...if not, we will end the challenge without a winner.
5) We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time.
6) Please view previous posts so that you don't enter the same number (if more than one user posts the same guess, then only the earlier post will be eligible to win)

The Member with the closest guess to the final closing price (without going over the final price) will recieved a 2 FREE BOXES of 2010 BOWMAN BASEBALL BLASTERS !

GOOD LUCK to ALL and Thanks for being a part of our Forum !

FOLLOW US on TWITTER for HOT NEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS on the Strasburg Card + other FREE BOX Promotions coming soon !

BLOWOUTCARDS (blowoutcards) on Twitter

Thanks to all again for your Participation...this is going to be CRAZY !

Thanks to everyone who participated in the BLOWOUTCARDS "WHERE Will IT End" Promo. We would like to say CONGRATS to Smashdash post # 148 with a guess of $4850. Smashdash...please email us at and we will ship your FREE BOXES and CONGRATS !
Stay tuned for many more promotions coming from BLOWOUTCARDS !!

Please forward All Press, News and Media Coverage requests to

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