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Angry Why was my thread deleted?

Why was my thread deleted?

Unfortunately, from time to time a thread may need to be deleted for one reason or another. In the B/S/T forums, the most likely culprit is bumping; however, there are several different reasons why your thread may have been deleted. We do ask that all members read and follow the B/S/T rules and so you might not receive an individual pm after your thread is deleted.

So, why was your thread deleted?

1. Bumping. If you bumped your thread before 24 hours had passed, your thread will be deleted once it is reported.

2. No prices or extreme high pricing. If you have a FS thread of any kind without prices, your thread will be deleted. This is ESPECIALLY true if you have posted something along the lines of "Per forum rules $1,000,000,000 for the lot." If you are selling individual cards, you must price them - a lot price is not sufficient. (The new idea you have about how to circumvent this rule? We have seen it before - your thread will be deleted.)

3. No specifics. Please be as specific as you can in your B/S/T threads. Include pictures, prices, and as many details as you can. Just a link to eBay or your bucket will get your thread moved to the spam section. (You can have the links as long as you also have pictures, prices, and details.)

4. Auctions. Threads offering certain money amount for the best random card/lot will be deleted.

5. Duplicate threads. Trying to circumvent the bumping rules by creating multiple threads selling the same items will get all versions of the thread deleted.

6. Reposting a deleted thread within 24 hours. If your thread was deleted, you must wait the full 24 hours before reposting it.

7. Drama & insults. We will make an attempt to clean your thread if you report inappropriate posts, but if the thread has changed from a transaction thread to a battle, it will just be deleted.

8. Politics & Religion. These two subjects will get your thread deleted every time.

No one wants to delete your thread, but there are only a few mods and nearly 30,000 members and over 300,000 B/S/T threads. The B/S/T sections of this forum are extremely active and we truly try to keep them running as smoothly as we can.

You are welcome to post in the B/S/T section. All we ask is that you respect the forum rules.

Here are some helpful links:

General Rules and Guidelines for Buy/Sell/Trade - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING IN B/S/T

How to avoid thread bumping infractions
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