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Default I am the Ponder believer

I think that I am the only believer in Christian Ponder on these boards. I'm not going to say he is going to put up 300+ yards every game, but I think that he can be the Alex Smith type of quarterback.

For the sake of making things easy, I'll just go by games played (1st 3 seasons)

Alex Smith-1st overall in 2005
32 games played
435-800 (54%)
4,679 yards
19 TD's
31 INT's
27 fumbles
Sacked 78 times
Record as starter 11-19
0 playoff appearance

Christian Ponder-12th overall in 2011
30 games played
517-874 (59%)
5,479 yards
33 TD's
30 INT's
15 fumbles
Sacked 72 times
Record as starter
Record as starter 12-17
1 playoff appearance

The stats are pretty similar through 30-32 games. Ponder does have a better completion percentage, more yards, and more TD's along with 1 less INT.

Here is why I STILL think Ponder can succeed. Everyone is being so tough on Ponder this season and blaming him for all 3 losses. I will give you the week 1 loss being on Ponder, but these past 2 weeks are not on him at all.

So far in 2013, Ponder has been sacked 10 times. Thats already 1/3rd of what he was sacked last season. The offensive line has given him absolutely no time to make reads and see where he should be going. He is running for his life more then he is standing in the pocket. Ponder wouldn't be receiving all of the criticism if the Vikings defense was able to hold up on defense the past 2 weeks on the opposing teams final drives. Ponder single handedly kept us in the game against the Browns using his legs. If the Vikings are sitting at 2-1 right now, all of the criticism is going on the offensive line for not blocking and the receivers for letting the ball bounce off their hands.

In 2012, Ponder led the Vikings to a 24-13 win over Alex Smith (his comparison) and outperformed him in that game. Ponder also beat Aaron Rodgers with an impressive game winning drive in a key game that got the Vikings into the postseason. Ponder threw 1 or less INT's in 12 games last season. Without Ponder, the Vikings wouldn't have made the playoffs. That showed when Webb played in the playoffs and couldn't handle it. Many Vikings fans felt that if Ponder would have played, we would have won that first playoff game.

You guys can sticky this, quote this, or do whatever you'd like to do with this. But people wanted Alex Smith out of San Fran for many years and now I bet they wish they could get him back. Smith may not have lived up to the 400+, 4 TD games that you expect out of a 1st overall pick, but what Smith does do is win games. And the reason why he wins games is because Harbaugh GAVE HIM A CHANCE and saw his potential! While it may take a little longer then Viking fans would hope, Ponder will mature into an NFL quarterback. Especially if the line can give him some time back there. Its still an early season, we are only 3 games in. I don't think its time to give up on Ponder. You won't see Cassel go in there and do any better. He has shown that he struggles immensely.

Ponder is going to go out there this Sunday (if his rib injury doesn't hold him out) against the Steelers and show all of the NFL why he is a starting quarterback and he will come out with the W going into the bye week. Ponder is the next coming of Alex Smith and the comparison shows it. Book it.

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