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Default eBay scammer hrtkeeper54

Stay Away from Robynn Manassero of Upland, CA aka hrtkeeper54 on eBay. Apparently thinks that reselling fake IP autos is the "risk" a buyer should shoulder. Had to return it to get my money back which probably means she will try to sell it again. JSA said "not even close". Never disclosed that she wasn't the one who got it signed and presented it as real, even including a picture from someone else of something getting signed by him.

Her message to me after I contacted her for a refund initially:
Hello, I am really sorry it did not pass authentication. Unfortunately, that is the risk that is taken in this business, where things that are real fail and things that are fake pass etc. I had no idea, and I purchased the ball and resold it. The details provided and the proof picture were given to me when I purchased the ball. I am sorry but I cannot offer a refund at this time due to the shakiness of the authentication process and me never guaranteeing it would pass for that exact reason.
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You will still be able to get your money back through Ebay if you file a claim
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I mean why do you think JSA is right about every IP autographs? I never buy IP autographs because I almost never trust them. In this case, I don't think you are entitled to a refund just because JSA thought it was not real. The seller didn't guarantee that the autograph would pass every single authentication service, and JSA and almost all other IP autograph authentication services are wrong all the time. You keep calling the autograph fake, but you wouldn't know for sure if it's real or fake, just because JSA said so. If you knew how these companies come up with their decisions on these authentications, you'll start to realize it's a very, very flawed process.

Unless it's MLB or NBA or NFL (or some directly affiliated service) that explicitly authenticates the signed memorabilia, you're quite often taking huge risks anyways.

For the record, I'm not defending the seller, as I don't buy or sell IP autos, and I don't trust them at all. But I just think that you're not entitled to a refund just because JSA said it doesn't look real, and given that the seller made no such guarantee, etc. I think you should have been aware of the risks before making the purchase that JSA might not authenticate as real, considering that there are cases where real IP autographs come back "fake" often too.
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