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Default Official Callout Thread Guide: When is it appropriate and how do you respond?

The most important thing I can tell you about writing a callout thread is... don't.

Don't do it, they suck.

Don't write one because you are angry. Don't write one to get back at someone. Don't write one to garner attention or sympathy. If you do, you will regret it.

Still feel the need?

When is it appropriate to post a callout thread?

Post a callout thread when you feel it will benefit the forum as a whole to have this information shared.

Are you about to write one? Think honestly about your one, main reason. Now close your eyes and honestly tell yourself the reason. Did your reason start with you? "I am mad, I want to put this joker on blast, I am going to get them back..." If so, stop now and go away.

Now, does the reason sound something like this: this scammer needs to be stopped and the forum will honestly be safer with this info posted. If so, keep reading.

Make the mod team aware of the situation.

The easiest way to contact the mod team is to click the report button . If there is an originating thread, click the report button in the op or relevant post. If there is just a pm received, click the button in that pm. If there is nothing like that, click the button at the bottom left of this post.

Do not pm the mod team. The report button is the easiest way to alert every mod at once.

Please be clear and concise and include all the information to the mods.

If possible, wait for a response. If time is of the essence, post your thread immediately.

The essential steps to a successful callout thread:

1. Be clear

You must clearly explain what you are talking about. Many threads go off the rails because the op is not clear. Don't ramble. Be concise. Use punctuation! A run-on sentence will just make you look foolish.

Don't post a thread and say anything like, "for now I am not naming any names" - if you want help, help us and name who you are talking about. A thread about another member without posting the username can get your thread deleted.

2. Be unemotional

Nobody cares how much you hate someone or how many interesting names you can call them. You will lose a lot of credibility if your op looks more like an assassination attempt.

3. Be truthful

Many, many callout threads backfire because the op is a liar. Don't write your own callout thread. Don't be that guy.

4. Be complete

Are you talking about a member here? Link to their account.

Are you talking about a thread or post? Link the thread or quote the post.

Are there images? Don't just link them - make copies. So many times the evidence disappears because the scammer has access to the images and deletes them or makes them private. Screenshot the page or copy each image.

Is it a youtube video? Don't just link it - make a copy! Don't know how? Google it. Depending on the source of the video and your resources, there are many ways to do this.

5. Be present

Don't post a callout thread and ghost. There will always be questions. It is your thread, answer them.


How do you respond to a callout thread?

So, had a callout thread made about you? Sucks huh?

Most of the same principles for making a thread apply to responding to a thread. Be clear, be unemotional, be truthful, and be complete.

I would emphasize being truthful. If you lie, you are going to look even worse when the truth is established.

Also, do not ignore or lie to the mod team. We do not have time for that crap and we will honestly just ban you for lying to us regardless of the callout thread. Here is a little secret: Most times when I ask a pointed question, I already know the answer. I will test you to see if you will lie to me so that I can just ban you now and save myself the hassle.

Another step I will add is this: own it.

If you did it, just own it and make a sincere, but simple, apology.

Whatever you do - don't start making excuses. Besides lying, nothing makes your situation worse than excuses. "Sorry, I have a life outside of this forum unlike the rest of you guys." I am not saying you can't offer mitigating circumstances that help explain what was going on in your situation, but the second that turns into an excuse it is the opposite of helpful.

Sometimes people make these regrettable passive-aggressive apologies or they cast shade in their apology and they would have been better off just saying "God Bless" and nothing else. "I apologize that you don't know how to work with solid people like me."

Never mention how many deals you have made.

Never mention how big your collection is or how small the op's collection is - or how much better your pc player is compared to theirs.

Never mention how well respected you are by the big-time collectors or those that matter.

Never mention how well you know the owners of BO or how much you bought from them at the National in 2015.

Never mention how much money you make or what car you drive.

And never, ever end your post with "God Bless."

Finally, one thing you do not have to do is keep posting. Make your point and go away. Callout threads on BO are often like chumming the water for sharks. Sometimes you will have to address a legitimate question, but for the most part you will only make things worse by continuing to post.
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This needs to be a sticky
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Great thread. I agree it should be a sticky.


God Bless!!
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Having had one of these call outs against me and then seeing it backfire on the other person, I think this is a very good thread. Ultimately I think it had a bad effect on each of us and whilst it was quite a while ago I think both of us got somewhat tarnished on here because of it.
The main point I took from that call out is that had we both calmed down and not got pissy with each other, we would both probably have a better experience here and wouldn't have a childish thread hanging over our heads.
Whilst I only replied once to it in order to defend myself I wish I didn't. I still regret how it unfolded to this day as I am sure we are both good people who let a moment of madness get out of hand. So to that user and the BO community I apologise.
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Great thread.

God Bless.
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