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Originally Posted by scotthenrichs View Post
Ha, no thatís probably 2000. I joined eBay in 1996 and it looked like this

I dunno, I got it from this reddit thread.
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I remember when people were posting want to buy ads for Grant Hill Finest Rookies. The 'auction' title was "Buying Grant Hill Finest for 28.00" and the next one down would say 29.00. Good times. I was using the computer at the first job I had (post college) in the library, and that must have been 1996-1997 school year.

Early on (97-98) I sold a Kobe Gold Finest RC (not a refractor), I think it was in his 2nd year playing, that I had advertised as 60=40 with no picture. Got a money order, shipped, and the guy tried to switch. Sent me an email saying "thanks for the 90=10 Kobe I want my money back" and returned a card that was NOT mine. I considered myself an old pro at that point, and fought him until he apologized and said he had bought a couple and got mixed up. He sent me shipping money (another MO) and I shipped his switched card back to him.

Before that, I used the Prodigy boards in high school (1991) and remember not understanding for a while who George Washington was and why anyone would want his Rookie Card. About two weeks in I realized Prodigy would not let you post prices...... Eventually AOL showed up and that was the BEST thing going. I still use that email address.
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I sold a rare Kobe insert to Japan for 600 bucks and got sent 6 crisp hundos in a priority mail envelope. Good times!!

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