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Blowout TV w/Matt Live and On-Demand Box and Case Breaks w/ Host Matt

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Default Blowout TV w/ Matt FAQs

This page will be a work in progress as I'm sure I'll be adding content on a weekly basis.

Hopefully everyone finds this page helpful and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

When does Blowout TV broadcast?

We typically broadcast Monday - Friday via Breakers TV - BlowoutTV on Breakers.TV

Times may vary so please be sure to follow @matt_blowouttv on Twitter to get up to the minute details on broadcasting times.

Our channel is used for both personal and group breaking requests on a first come first serve basis.

Where can I view product availability?

Our Blowout TV menu changes daily and all products currently in inventory can be seen on our Breakers TV page underneath the live feed!

BlowoutTV on Breakers.TV

How do I make a Blowout TV purchase?

Pay for your LIVE breaks via PayPal or Major Credit Card!

To pay for spots in a group break or individual box orders please follow the specific steps below -

1) Please use the following link to pay via Paypal or Credit Card -

2) Under "what is this for" - Please type in your specific order with Breakers TV User ID name and click "Buy Now"

3) Enter the specific dollar amount in the top left box and hit "update"

4) For Paypal orders please sign using box in the middle of the screen and proceed to checkout for specific items.

5) If you do not have a Paypal account and want to check out using credit card please click the link below the Paypal sign in which says "Do Not Have a Paypal Account." After doing so please fill in your specific credit card information, billing/shipping address and hit the button at the bottom of the page which says "Pay."

If a product is available on the Blowout Cards website but not currently offered on the Blowout TV daily menu can I have it broken on Blowout TV?

Yes! Due to our large inventory Blowout TV works with a condensed inventory on a weekly basis. However, if you would like to purchase a product to break live on Blowout TV that is not currently offered on the the menu above please email with the specific product(s) and quantity you are interested in. Once this order is received, processed and paid for your order will be available to break within (1) business day

Do I pay for shipping?

All orders over $200 are free shipping within the United States on personal box orders. If your shipment is under $200 and you wish to have the package shipped UPS the charge is $8. If the order is under $200 and you wish to have a package shipped USPS the charge is $4. Group break shipping costs are factored in once a break is posted.

When do Blowout TV packages ship?

Blowout TV packages typically ship from the Blowout Cards warehouse next business day Monday - Friday. Packages will either ship USPS or UPS depending on value and size of orders. If an order/package is deemed to be worth more then $250 this package will always require signature confirmation.

Do you offer insurance on Blowout TV packages?

Absolutely! If you would like insurance added to any package we can do so at an additional charge.

Do you ship overseas?

Blowout TV currently ships to Canadian customers for a flat fee of $18 per package. All other international customers are dealt with on a case by case basis. International customers are encouraged to open up a Check Out My Cards (COMC) account as we are happy to ship to registered COMC addresses!

Do you combine shipping?

Yes! If you would like packages to ship once a week we would be happy to do this for you. Please contact the host for more information on how this process will work.

Do you list cards on Ebay for consignment?

Currently we do not offer consignments through Blowout TV but this may change in the future.

Do you email scans of hits to customers?

Depending on work load, we will do our best to accommodate customers requests for scans of big hits. Just ask and I will be more then happy to hold a card up to screenshot at anytime during the live broadcast!

Group Breaking FAQs:

*Please keep in mind that if you participate in a Blowout TV group break we are under the impression that you fully understand the terms of purchase. We will do everything to ensure customer satisfaction, but please keep in mind that some group break structures come with the risk of potential "minimal returns".

Do cards representing multiple teams get randomized?

My rule on randomizing cards represented by multiple teams goes as follows:

*In the event of a card being pulled from this break that is represented by multiple teams (this is sure to happen dozens of times), the card will be awarded in the following manner:

- If a card is represented by a majority of one team, the card will go to that team (ie: 2 Lakers and 1 Rocket…. Card goes to the Lakers).

- If a card features multiple players and there is no majority, the card will be randomized between all teams involved

Do you ship base cards?

Typically I will ask customers who purchase personal boxes if they would like base cards from a break. For group breaks I will specifically state if base cards will or will not ship.

Do all cards get toploaded?

All "hits" (ie: autographs, memorabilia cards and low numbered parallels) will be toploaded. All other cards from the break that ship will be tightly secured and packaged appropriately.

Do you buy back cards from breaks for credit?

At this time we do not buy individuals cards back from breaks.

Do group breaks get recorded?

Yes, all of our personal and group breaks are recorded and uploaded to the Blowout Cards YouTube channel within 1 business day.
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