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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I see what you're saying, and can agree to an extent. However, I feel like we're drifting away from the original question.

The intent of my original post was to see what people think are Simmons' 5 best individual rookie cards from an 'investment' standpoint, not which of his cards are the best to hoard in large quantities. That's a different question entirely. All I'm saying is that while the Silver Prizm is a great card, I don't think it compares to his top high end cards individually.
That doesn't really change much unless you specify that you are looking at Return On Investment on dollars gained per unit as opposed to ROI as % of investment.

So yes, if you are looking for raw dollars gained then going with the most expensive is bound to yield the greatest return possibility, just as investing $100k in a 2.5% CD would yield a greater dollar return then 1 share of Tesla stock, even if the stock tripled in the next year.
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Originally Posted by Boldstar6 View Post
No Immac love?
My thought exactly. That Immaculate RC /99 is nice. I wish J. Brown had one! Is Simmons the only one with a base Immaculate RC? That might hurt the value as it's not part of a set.
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Originally Posted by Wiseysez View Post
Iím still waiting for the Optic checkerboard to make somebodyís list. Hint hint. Lol
Just didn't want to be
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