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Default Cheap Fun Break Club - Official Thread (Join Now!)

Cheap Fun Break Club - Baseball

Alright, I kept saying that I would create an official Club thread... so I am finally doing it.

I know lots of people have asked to join and I am sure that I missed a few people. Sorry. Please reply in this thread to add your name.

This club is like NO OTHER on this forum!

Club Philosophy:

Most of us spend $20 a week on loose retail packs anyway. Heck, a blaster costs as much as $25. Why not spend that money on a cheap break instead? Maybe you do not get anything big... but the breaks are a blast and that is part of the value. Besides, your blaster box probably was a dud too.

Official Club Rules:

1. A member of the club gets a guaranteed spot in the break - however, you can pass on any break. What I mean is, you owe nothing. Don't like the break? Skip it. You still are a member and you still get a spot in the next break. Please do not skip too many in a row though.

2. There are NO monthly dues. You only pay for the breaks you want.

3. You can have multiple spots.

4. The goal is a $20 - $30 break per spot (preferably about $25).

5. We can do team breaks or hit breaks. Most should be team, but some older (cheaper) products have expired redemptions - in that case we should do a hit break. No one wants to "win" expired autos.

6. You do NOT have to be a member to participate in the break - any left over spots are open to anyone on BO. (So what is the benefit of the club? A guaranteed spot. How many times have you found a cool break only to see it was already full?)

7. For each new break, you will still need to confirm (or deny) your spot.

8. Once you receive your cards, please post in the thread that your cards were received. For anything outside the USA, I will provide the customs # as proof of delivery. This rule is so that Blowout Cards can see that you have received your cards and it makes it easier for me to open another break. (I know that most of you do this anyway.)


1. JDK16 (spots 12 and 13)
2. thatkidbilly (5 slots every CFB)
3. grahamgdogg
4. jusdukky
5. The700Level
6. ReinholdMessner (up to 3 total)
7. Bruvydsb
8. kelleys1
9. peterose4hof (Rose will at least make it posthumously... you can bet on it!)
10. houdini (host)
11. Riversoule (3 slots)
12. joserobles
13. bboi30 (let him win all the Rays spots so that I can buy them!)
14. shsscr
15. Troybuilts (up to 3 per case)
16. Poonchka
17. Axeldog15
18. Pacerjones20 (late nite retail break watcher)
19. jkvegas
20. justinj31
21. Dacubs
22. frankferry (no hit breaks)
23. TheHeel
24. hundley (wants all Carl Everett rookie cards - pays >BV! $$)
25. Straw44 (has joined EVERY break so far)
26. Care4Card (Canadian red Harper mojo)
27. reddeer
28. dimer10
29. fisk-factor75
30. colby2611
31. alsjunk2002
32. trubear
33. Jon_21
34. csrockerzero
35. Yankeesfan777
36. canuhandle23
37. dbaks
38. Reid n Owen
39. greenjdo
40. adevens
41. papiis01
42. dlab85
43. mcgoo2
44. CODYJM (Watches his box breaks on youtube and hits booklet mojo!)
45. mrmike79
46. boston77yankees
47. nick9819
48. stevejeltz
49. DizzyDSki
50. Axe
51. ExpFacilitators (favorite set is 1991 Topps)
52. wolf324au
53. Jared (probably team breaks only)
54. TOMBB25
55. hester72598
56. whywhy
57. beardy
58. edmovieman
59. nbalinks
60. bryun
61. nodie27 (host of the baseball break club #2)
62. enjoyale81
63. peafour
64. nibrugnerotto
65. dirtydistance
66. crazygrover
67. homerunoveryou
68. Swivelhip
69. Brian12215
70. pakman916
71. Divino
72. morganman79
73. Andrew Jones
74. Vintage Collector
75. Mizzurawar
76. redsguy
77. Sushiyoshi
78. bookyyyyyy
79. tchummer
80. cincyboy
81. crumz19
82. prospectmaster
83. sox4life
84. DetectiveChrome
85. dgamboa
86. skaterats
87. brewcrew8

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