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The National Sports Collectors Convention This is a seasonal forum that will run from about April through August each year.

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Default My 2017 NSCC Recap

i am fortunate enough that this was my eighth national. i cannot stress enough that the national is about the environment and camaraderie, much more so, then the cards themselves. Yes, you "can find" (card/slab/wax name here) "cheaper" on ebay. (but not always) nobody's ever said otherwise. if you enjoy collecting on your own, more power to you, there is no wrong way to collect.

but as my friend Kirk says "I look forward to our Annual Family Reunion" Because that's what it is, family. a card family.

this year, i was able to attend Thursday to Saturday. (sometimes "real life' gets in the way, pesky real life!)

i flew in from JFK on a 6:30am flight. im a night person, so staying up the night before is now old hat for me, and not really an issue.
sitting at the airport at 4am and seeing how BUSY JFK was at that hour on a weekday was pretty spectacular. i suppose it's almost like a casino with windows. people are busy and dont care/realize what time it really is lol i also got to thinking, what did we all do before there were wheels on our suitcases? lol anywho, you guys are not here for all this extra chit-chat, just thought id share.

i got into the show Thursday morning around 9:30. if youve ever been, you know the feeling each time you enter the room for the first time that year. you get that feeling and have to take in the views and smells of it all. there is no way to describe either (and i do not mean a BO bad type of smell either! lol)

i had a short list of things that i would like to add to my collection. at that time, it was time to take a look around before it got too busy to do so. the great thing, as i mentioned earlier, about this show is the people. it wasnt long before i was saying hello to folks i see annually and speak to online and such.

prior to the show, i had mailed a good friend of mine my cards to submit for me to PSA since he would be there a few days before i.
its best to hand in your subs ASAP because they are done there onsite and the back-log builds QUICKLY! i was fortunate enough that they were ready for me to see when i arrived that morning (first time that quickly!) i did better then expected, and couldnt be more pleased with the results! a combination of pack pulls, set breaks and ebay pickups. here they are: (apologies to those that cannot see them)

i also was able to bat 1.000 on my "crossovers" this year (yay!)

after a bunch of walking around and seeing friends (old and new), it hit me that the show was a LOT more crowded then i ever remember it being on a Thursday! That is always good imo, and it makes me even happier to be part of the community.

Wasnt able to find anything on my "wantlist" on thursday, or add anything to the collection, but that happens quite a bit, and theres always plenty of time to add something.

Thursday night was our trip to Gibson's for the best steak on the planet! The group of us all had a great meal and better conversation. Then it was back to the hotel room for some catching up and such. Then i passed out since i had been up
for somewhere around 40 hours straight lol

Friday morning started a little later then i would have liked, but i slept for 8 straight hours! LOL Back to the show, it was time to have a look around for stuff (and thangs).

After some looking around, and coming up empty handed, it was time to head to the PSA booth for a group pic that would be featured on a PSA slabbed card giveaway that PSA was doing for anyone at the show. On the way to the PSA booth, i was walking and peeking at tables, this caught my eye. ive always liked this card, but never liked the price tag attached to PSA 8 (and above! yikes), so ive never owned one. Well, the dealer was friendly and easy to deal with, so it became my first "pick up" at the show!

The rest of friday consisted of attending the PSA luncheon (FREE for all PSA Registry Members (also free) who sign up and are in attendance), looking around some more on the floor, talking to friends, old and new, and then attending the Topps Q&A and Net54 Shindig. Friday was also quite busy with foot traffic, and the isles seemed packed and happy. in the late afternoon, i was able to pick up one of the cards on my wantlist. and honestly, i expected to see a LOT more of them on the floor, but they just werent there.
here it is, very proud to add this kid to my collection

after a great evening of talking cards, digital apps and life, it was time to head back to the room and get some rest before my final day at the show.

Saturday. Ahh what a day the "saturday" is for any show/convention one attends. ALWAYS the most busy day, as far as attendance goes. This year was no different, in fact it was MORE crowded. Possibly the most attended national day that i have ever seen in person. One long time hobby collector even said the same thing to me. it was incredible. LOTS of kids. Which made me feel good.

with my mcdavid purchase, i was content on not finding any of the other cards on my wantlist at the show (and i didnt), but i wanted to pick up some wax, as it is almost always cheaper at the show then grabbing it online. Now, getting it back on a plane is a different story (too bad, because there were quite a few deals to be had, for those with the ability to get them home lol)

Having been on a mcdavid kick as of late (and trying my hand a few blaster with no luck) i decided on a box of Contours from D&A because they had the best price. i like D&A, but have a hard time ordering from them online because they are in NY as well and well, tax. lol the other box in the pic you'll recognize, and it was only FIVE BUCKS! lol

So it was then time for more walking around, seeing people and sadly, time to make the dreaded "final rounds" of seeing and saying goodbye to everyone that i enjoy seeing annually. That is always the rough part. Time flies so quickly when youre there. it goes by in a flash. ugh.

before leaving, i went by D&A one more time, and picked these two boxes up because the prices were just too low not to. (and im not much of a fan of NCAA uniform cards, but at $25, had to do it, and the blaster was $7)

would have picked up a few more boxes, but there simply wasnt any room! LOL

Well, there you have it. My 2017 NSCC.

i intentionally left out individual meetings, not only because they are private, but because i can

Thank you to everyone who i got to meet for the first, or eighth time, the memories are things that will never be forgotten!

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That's it....PANTS DOWN!
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Originally Posted by big35hurt View Post
that's it....pants down!

Skinny jeans pants down!!!!!!!
clectors proclaim: "the hobby is dead" & are MEGA FURIOUS AND MEGA LIVID!!!
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Awesome recap. Hope to attend one some day.
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I was there and agree on the traffic and it was great seeing so many young kids there with parents and grandparents. I think the heavy traffic says our economy is very healthy and thriving. I have to believe the dealers should be happy with the volume and sales they made. Glad to see the hobby is doing well.
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As always, it was a fun trip and it was nice to hang out with you, Dustin and Kirk. One of my favorite parts of the National. I know my dad would echo those sentiments as well, he really likes hanging out with you guys and shooting the sheet.

Gibson's was so good haha, dad and I went back our last night there and devoured some steak sliders and French fries haha. See you next year, Eric!
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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

i hope those that have never been, are able to get to Cleveland next year.

NICE Tyler! Love Gibsons!
clectors proclaim: "the hobby is dead" & are MEGA FURIOUS AND MEGA LIVID!!!
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