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Pretty simple, be prepared to accept losing your money on smaller first class items, or ship priority with ebay's insurance for around $15/USPS express for around $33 for ebay buyer protection on anything of significant value. Granted you can't avoid every douche but I've yet to have a problem with with a ton of items shipped out of the US, although most were to Canada. I also look at the user id very closely when getting offers outside the US to further filter it. While I ship many more things here, people also try to scam me much more often in this country.
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I blah blah blah past most of the replies.

Insured international delivery, period.
Registered mail is a waste.
Do not trust paypal/ebay,period. Ask your post master if you have questions

If it goes outside of a US border,I charge insured international rates.
I pay it when ordering from Europe, just how it is. I do not expect people to risk losing product I want and I do not expect people to want me to lose money as well.

Last Zippo I sold went for 65.00. Shipping and insurance to France made the total 96.80
Learn from this, TBH. People outside of the US will scam just as fast as people inside will. Maybe he is telling the truth,maybe not,point is you will not know and registered offers you NOTHING. No protection,assurances or insurance options,so why go cheap to encourage international buyers when the end result is what you have now ?

Good luck !
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Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
ANd you have the nerve to call me an "angry fella"

El Oh El
hahaha touche
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