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Default Trade Advice

I'm in a 10 team, 0.5 PPR , 1 Flex league with my friends. I made some trades and now sit atop the standings. I am now tying to trade one of my RB's for a top WR. My question is, who do you guys think I should trade away and who do you think I should target? My team:
QB: Rivers
RB: Charles, Forte, Murray, Oliver
WR: Julio J, Emmanuel Sanders, Steve Smith, Andre Johnson, Kelvin, Josh Gordon and Sanu
TE: Julius Thomas
K: Blair Walsh

I know I have a lack of depth at RB but there are some RB's on the FA market that are good and available so I'm not too concerned there. Now I may target a guy like Demaryius Thomas but I am a bit concerned having two WR's and my TE from the same team. I know I can get Jordy but the guy wants a bit too much for him. Who else do you guys think is worth a target?
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Lack of depth at RB? Can't you only play 2 RBs and a Flex anyways? I would say with Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, and DeMarco Murray you are set at RB.

Your WRs aren't bad, and only 2-3 weeks until you get Josh Gordon.

I don't think you need to do anything besides maybe hit the waiver wire for a potentially better K.
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