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The National Sports Collectors Convention This is a seasonal forum that will run from about April through August each year.

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Cardiac Cards
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Default Autograph timing

I am a show newbie, so help me out here. Say Tristar lists someone as signing at 11am. Does that mean we need to be there by 11am to get an auto? Or does that mean that is when they start lining people up. The reason I ask is there are a couple signatures I want, but the autograph times are 15 minutes apart.
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Assuming you don’t have a platinum pass or all access ticket, when you get your autograph tickets they will be numbered that will set when you can line up. Platinum passes go first right at the starting time and then all access after that. Once those finish they will let like people with tickets 1 - 50 line up. When you need to be there will be determined by that but it’s hard to give you specifics.
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Your autograph ticket will have a number. When they call the number range that your ticket is in, that's when you go up. They always do a last call too.
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Lines move pretty quick unless you get someone who wants to tell the signer their life story. The one line that I know of that can be slow though is Ripken. He’s really great about taking pictures with people. At Chantilly you would get your item signed, then get in another line to have a picture taken. Every few people, he would stop signing and go do pictures. Really nice of him but it does slow things down.
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