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Default Blowout Fantasy Football League...where you at?

Ok we have the makings of a Football league now. Everyone should read the entire thread and catchup on this. This first post will be used for information about the league.

General information:

01. Majority rules, you guys decide the rules for the game we play. Everything is up for discussion
02. Commissioner will be tolrobb
03. League will be played in Yahoo

Members of the league:

01) Addicted_2_Skins - Addicted36
02) Revis and Butthead - yankeesfan24
03) Foles era - Devi8or
04) Team Awesome - armyatc22
05) HighRoller - Hixson
06) StormTrooperJackG - jackg1980
07) Tolrobb - (league commissioner) Tolrobb
08) carl2001
09) Go_Wiz - gowizards0
10) Long Bomb - pats4dawin
11) Jermizzle5 - Jermizzle5
12) BK - Falcons_Fan


Prize and conditions:

01) Each member is putting up a $25 SV card for entry. Each of us will send the card entry to tolrobb so he has them before we draft. Everyone's card must be received by tolrobb before August 01. Failure to submit a card by August 01 will mean forfeiture from the league. The cards must meet an average of $25 completed sales value in Ebay. These 12 cards will be considered the prize pool.

2) Tolrobb will scan each card and post them for everyone to see and hold them until the league ends. When the standings are known and the league completes the prizes will be distributed as follows...First place finisher in the league will get to pick 6 of the 12 cards in the prize pool first that are his choice. Second place will then pick 3 cards from the remaining 6 cards and third place will get the remaining cards from the prize pool

3) It will be the responsibility of the winners to pay for shipping the prizes to themselves. Winners will contact tolrobb and arrange payment for shipping prizes.

League Rules:

It is everyone's responsibility to understand the scoring rules of the league. This is a keeper league and a the draft order is determined by the last season. The rules are:

Draft Order Rules

A. Winner of 5 vs. 6 game in playoffs gets the higher draft pick the following season.

B. Winner of the loser's bracket gets the #1 picks the following season.

C. Loser of the loser's bracket championship game gets the #2 pick the following season.

D. picks 3 through 6 are determined by winning percentage and points scored during the season.


Keeper Rules

1. One keeper per team, max number of keepers would be 12 players this year

2. You do not have to keep anyone if you don't want to

3. Keepers must be announced 1 week prior to the draft

4. The "cost"of a keeper is one round lower. Example if you want to keep your 2nd round 2012 pick that counts as your 1st round pick this year. If you keep your 9th round pick from the 2012 draft that player will be your 8th round pick this year. If you keep your 1st round pick it will cost you your 1st round pick

5. If you want to keep someone you picked up off the Waiver Wire that player will be your 7th round pick

6. If you want to keep someone that you traded for then the cost will be one round lower then where he was drafted. If your player was drafted by another team in round 4 and you want to keep him that player will cost you your third round pick

To see the results of last seasons draft go here

2014 Draft Order

1. BK
2. Revis and Butthead
3. tolrobb
4. Long Bomb
5. Foles Era
6. Fantasy Newbie
7. Go_Wiz
8. MarshallCutler6 (pending name change)
9. stormtrooperJackG
10. jermizzle5
11. team awesome
12. addicted_2_skins

Prizes for 2014 League Winners Found Here

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