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Default Tuesday Market Report & National Convention Information

Here's what you need to know:

Check the previous market reports and I think we've been spot on. It's not too difficult to figure out which products are going to run in the next few weeks based on what collectors are purchasing through the website and also based on what dealers are trying to restock. We have a pretty good pulse on the marketplace as we are actively buying and selling each and every day. This is usually information that alot of business's like to keep "In House" but would like to share this with our Blowoutcards community and hope this information helps .

Here's what's moving:
2009 Bowman Draft Baseball
2012 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball
2011 Topps Finest 1 Baseball
2010 Bowman Platinum Baseball
2009 Bowman Sterling Baseball
2012 Bowman 1 Hobby & Jumbo Baseball
2011 Bowman Sterling Baseball
2011 Panini Prime Cuts Baseball
2010/11 Panini Totally Certified Basketball
2011 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

The next few weeks are all about the National Convention in Baltimore. Manufacturers are gearing up with their redemption programs and vendors who are exhibiting at the show are stocking up on products that are part of the redemption programs. Let me just say that we are STOCKED and EXCITED to see everyone next week ! Here's my guess as to what will be Hot.

Topps: 2012 Bowman Platinum BB is already starting to run. It helps that the 2010 and 2011 have both been on fire the past month. The Topps Redemption program for 2012 Bowman Platinum will be one of the best at the show. Topps will offer a special 25-card 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel Set (#’d to 499) . Look for this product to be in high demand. The GYPSY QUEEN WRAPPER REDEMPTION will be limited to 100 cards per day with collectors opening 3 packs of 2012 Topps or Bowman Products. The best value will be 2012 Topps Series 1 or series 2 Hobby based on price point.
Topps will again have the National Exclusive 5 card reprint sets featuring the 1952 design. There will be 2 Mickey Mantle cards along with a Mays, Ruth and J.Robinson. We will have individual cards AND sets available at our BLOWOUTCARDS Corporate Booth for sale.

Panini once again has one of the most comprehensive and well thought out programs at the show. Anyone who can afford a Box of cards all the way up to the "Whale" who can afford $6500 worth of product will be able to participate at a different scale. There are 14 products eligible for the promotions each with different exchange values. Just purely on a demand standpoint, it seems that Prime Cuts may be the first choice of many followed by the more recent Releases (Limited , Gold Standard, Elite). Whether your looking to purchase 1 Box....1 Case or $6500 at the show on Panini Products, Please come by the Blowoutcards Corporate Booth # D-2 (We will be centrally located Next to Panini and across from Topps, ITG and Leaf. The BEST Location at the Show !) and we will help you and explain everything you need to know. We will also have one of knowledgeable staff attending the Panini VIP experience to help guide anyone who plans to attend the event and purchase $6500 worth of product. Think of it as your own personal Concierge

Sportkings may have one of the most valuable redemption programs. For collectors breaking a sealed 16-box case of Sportkings Series E there is a special redemption program for a special National 1/1 Spectacular Patch card. For those who can spell SPORTKINGS five times, and you will receive a 1/1 Premium Art Card painted by Jared Kelley. The market for these 1/1 cards is very strong. ITG will also have special National Convention Ultimate Memorabilia Super Boxes which are popular amongst high end HK collectors.

Onyx's redemption centers around the New 2012 Onyx Platinum Prospects release. Each day is a redemption for a different Hot Prospect. We will also have the pleasure of working directly with Onyx in announcing the Babe Ruth Signed Baseball Giveaway at our Booth Saturday afternoon. Onyx will also have a special Onyx National Edition Preferred Player Signed Ball product available at our Booth. They have also donated a Bryce Harper Autographed Baseball which we will giveaway as part of our many promotions we will be offering at the show.

Leaf: Alot of Leaf's promotion are still TBD. Here are a few things we do know for sure. They will have a Leaf Bucks promotion tied to their products which can be used for their own redemption program. We feel that one of the biggest hits at the show will be 2012 Leaf Best of Baseball. This product will be ripped in multiple case lots at the show and we will have it available at our booth. One of their best Leaf values will be the 2012 Leaf Valiant Football based on price point. Have a feeling Leaf will have a few more Huge announcements up their sleeve. Brian Gray is one of the most innovative minds in the Hobby....stay tuned...

Press Pass: Although Press Pass will not be present at the show, They will be providing a blind "Mystery Pack" to a few of their vendors. Blowoutcards will have these available for our customers with the purchase of one of their Boxes. The most popular box will probably be the new 2012 Press Pass Showcase which will be a new release and live at the show. Each pack will include a National Exclusive Showcase base set parallel numbered to 5 or a 1/1. If it’s not one of those cards, it will be a random autograph or race-used memorabilia card.

Tri Star: Exact detail are TBD but it centers around a Free autograph ticket Promotion, a Treasure Chest Promotion and a TNA wrestling promotion. We will have ALL the products necessary for each promotion available and more details as they are announced.

Upper Deck: Collectors may purchase five (5) HOBBY packs of any eligible Upper Deck products will receieve a 2012 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention pack. Fans can find autographs from top stars like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Landon Donovan, Bobby Orr, Don Mattingly, Trent Richardson, Alex Ovechkin, Robert Griffin III and many more. Blowoutcards-The Fantastic Store will be a participating vendor and set up at the show. We will have Packs available as a Certified Diamond Dealer and we look forward to providing collectors with all of your Upper Deck Needs.

The Historic Autograph Company has one of the most intriguing redemptions. These may fly pretty quick. Any collector that purchases a box of 2012 HA Legends of the Hall product at the National will receive a redemption card with the box (at the time of purchase from BLOWOUTCARDS). The collector will be instructed to bring the unopened box and the redemption card to the Historic Autograph booth, where they will be required to open the box and turn in the redemption card for a second PSA/DNA encapsulated Hall of Fame autograph. So basically you get 2 cards for the price of one ! We will have HAC Legends of the Hall available at our booth and the redemption cards!

Basically Here's the Deal:
If your going to break or think about breaking product, you might as well do it at the National and get all the FREE Cards with it. If your going to do it at the National....then you might as well do it through BLOWOUTCARDS ! We will make sure we earn your business so make sure you stop by CORPORATE BOOTH # D2 and Bring the Kids !!

Here are a few other important links that we will continue to update daily now and throughout the show.

Here is a link to the Full Redemption Thread:

Blowoutcards will be posting our OWN Live updates starting today on this thread:

Here is our Blowout Cards 2012 National Convention Member Thread !

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week ! More to come...


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Do I see several Sportkings cases under that center table?

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