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Welcome New Members! *Read here first* Introduce yourself and read our General Rules

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Hi everyone...

It's nice to find a forum worth joining. I've been lurking around for a month now and after reading so many informative posts; I decided to emerge and share my thoughts.

I just want to mention a few things and be as brief as possible since this is my first post. I don't think he'll mind me saying, so I want to thank mwheeler27 for introducing me to the forum. I watched him win some fantastic auctions on eBay after winning a few of mine and I eventually felt compelled to tell him that I was actually becoming a fan of his, lol. I've never been so impressed by another person's collection in my twenty years in the hobby... come to discover that the man is a true gentleman and class act as well. If you don't already know, you're all very blessed to have such a wonderful, active contributor to this forum.

As the name implies, my name is Derek. 55 is my favorite hold'em hand, so there you go. I've been playing poker professionally since early 2002... that means my main source of income comes from the tables. I'm currently finishing college after taking a few years off to play drums all over the west coast... I have other professions I'd like to try, but I will always play poker. The money is good, but it's tough to make it super big while supporting a household. I'm sure a lot of you play poker... when you have several loved ones in your daily life, it's hard (at least for me) to focus 100% on cards, but that's what it takes to be world-class. I mention all of this because poker is steadily becoming more and more mainstream, and with a few poker products out there (Razor), I assure you I know the industry extremely well and have a few connections. If you have a poker question or would like my opinion on which guys are the ones to collect for profit, I'll be happy to share my thoughts from time to time. I won't be able to get on here every hour, but I'll visit once a day.

The last thing I want to mention is that I am a huge fan and historian of poker itself. I've met all of my idols (Cloutier, Hellmuth, Lederer... so many others), and I have gotten my hands on several rare WSOP items from dealers and players alike. My latest attention has been drawn to Phil Hellmuth cards, particularly Sportkings. I have a rather large collection... if you have cards to contribute, please let me know as I've been buying several. I'm especially interested in the gold versions. Sadly, I'm apparently one of the very few actively collecting his cards, but the key word is "collecting". I'm doing this in honor of him; I would like to put together the best collection possible. Hellmuth is an idol of mine... he's a bit of a weirdo, absolutely, but the man is a genius tournament hold'em player. So if you have any Hellmuth SKs you'd like to move or you know somebody who does, please let me know.

If you read all of this... wow! I can't ever seem to be brief no matter how hard I try. Thanks for spending the time to read a little bit about me. I have a lot of other things I'd like to say concerning the status of the sportscard world, but I'll save those thoughts for another post... this one is way too long as is, lol.

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I doubt you will have much competition here for your Hellmuth collection but I'm sure there are members that are already going thru their poker cards to hook you up. Good luck w/ your craft and contribute/participate when you can. Welcome!!!
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