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Active/Full Group Case Breaks Filled breaks are moved here when ready to accept payments.

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Default 2013 Bowman Chrome 10 Case + 1 FREE CASE PLAYER BREAK


Case 1:

Case 2:

Case 3:

Case 4:

Case 5:

Case 6:

Case 7:

Case 8:

Case 9:

Case 10:

Case 11:

THE YEAR END THANK YOU BREAK, I WILL ADD A FREE CASE OF BOWMAN CHROME. SO ACTUAL BREAK WILL BE 11 CASES. Just a thank you for all joining my breaks through out the year. The 11th case will go to its slots, if its a non player spot we will random those hits ( color vet spot, fit the bill, etc)

Draftable slots:

2013 Bowman: 269 spots

(110) Bowman Chrome Propsects (All cases)
(50) Bowman Chrome Rookies (All cases)
(57) Bowman Chrome Autos (All cases)
(1) Bowman Chrome Rookie Autos (All cases)
(10) Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos (1 per case)
(10) Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos (1 per case)
(10) 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos (1 per case)
(1) Bowman Black Autos (All cases)
(10) Colored/Base Vet Refractors (1 per case)
(10) Base Chrome Vets (1 per case)

Cost: 559.95 x10 = 5599.50

5599.50/269 = 20.81
20.81 (per slot) +5 (shipping/supplies) = 25.81
25.81 + .30 = 26.11*1.029 = 26.86

First Slot 27 Second Slot 25

1. If you hit a card worth $250 or more, I will ask you to pay for upgraded shipping - priority mail, signature confirmation, and insurance.

2. We will need the deposit paid right away so that we can send it in to BO.

3. If you join this break, you must be willing to pay within 24 hours of the break going active. We want to order right away

4. If you join this break, you must subscribe to this thread. It makes life SO MUCH EASIER.

5. Once you receive your cards, please post in the thread that your cards were received.

6. If you are from OUTSIDE the United States, please message me prior to posting below to join the break. I am not trying to exclude you in any way, but I need to discuss shipping options with you.

7. If a pull wins this monthly "best pulls" contest on BO, the prize will be a new break with all hits (or teams) randomed amongst all participants.

A final few things you should know:

1. I will start the break the same day the cases arrive, with the cases being broken LIVE on UStream and Vaughntv a link will be provided.

2. I will have recap videos up that same night for anyone who cannot make it, and scans up the next day.

3. I will mail your cards out ASAP. These should be mailed within 1-2 days following the break.

4. Selling or trading slots is only allowed to members already in the break!

5. I will have spots in this break.

6. I have a pretty open schedule so this break might take place in the afternoon if enough people are around to watch....

Draft Rules:

* The draft order will be determined by a Mod randoming the list below 5 times.
* Due to the amount of spots in this draft there will be a 30 min time limit on making your pick.
* I will provide a checklist this by no means a draft order.
* The draft can begin after the random is posted but wont officially begin for 24 hours after the random is posted, per BO rules.
* I will run a 30 minute timer since there is 337 spots in this draft. After the first 160 spots the clock with switch to 15 minutes per pick. The draft clock will run from 9 am CT to 11 pm CT
* YOU MUST PM THE NEXT PERSON IN LINE AND POST THAT YOU HAVE DONE SO. (It is only common curtsey to do so)
* In the event a high risk spot does not hit, I will have something to send you unless you have other spots in the break that hit.
*Lastly I do reserve the right to swap around some spots BEFORE we draft to accommodate for any spots I see fit, thanks

1. joeybats19 BCA-YP Yasiel Puig
2. michigan300rum (from coyotes01) BCP-AMO Adalberto Mondesi
3. mike yoder BCA-HO Henry Owens
4. nordy22 (from rcspur (from stera8) BCA-TG Tyler Glasnow
5. nordy22 (from choppernwendy) 78 Yasiel Puig RC
6. sayheywillie (from jedi500) BCA-MW Mac Williamson
7. bluemarlin528 (from stera8 (from rcspur) Bowman Chrome Rc Autos All Cases
8. archangel1775 BCA-AW Adam Walker
9. endthecurse (from dimer10) BCA-AAL Arismendy Alcantara
10. squirtr BCA-RM Rafael Montero
11. txrangersfan (from enryon) BCA-JA Jorge Alfaro
12. diem926 (from coyotes01) BCA-MWI Matt Wisler
13. ktemme BCA-JB Jose Berrios
14. jfray (from frozenntimesports) BCA-VR Victor Roache
15. lakesidez Bowman Black Autos/XM Hats Cases 1-11
16. mike yoder BCA-MAJ Miguel Andujar
17. txrangersfan (from enryon) BCA-LM Lance McCullers
18. bbuckert24 (from nordy22 (from goa's) BCP-GG Gabriel Guerrero
19. bbcardsrgreat BCA-DC Dylan Cozens
20. chiefs (from frozenntimesports) BCA-MA Miguel Almonte
21. nordy22 (from coyotes01) BCA-LT Luis Torrens
22. hafish (from nordy22 (from coyotes01) BCP-HL Hak-Ju Lee
23. diem926 (from ktemme) BCA-JPO Jorge Polanco
24. olivetree (from nordy22) (from hafish (from nordy22 (from coyotes01) BCA-RD Rafael De Paula
25. ajax1723 (from nordy22) 205 Manny Machado RC
26. mike yoder BCP150 Henry Owens
27. michigan300rum BCA-CT Carlos Tocci
28. nordy22 (from artchie) BCA-CA Cody Asche
29. michigan300rum BCA-NT Nik Turley
30. thefreak55 (from bluemarlin528 BCA-ER Eduardo Rodriguez
31. ktemme (from diem926) BCA-EE Edwin Escobar
32. edclay 2 Wil Myers RC
33. metsy617 BCA-MR Matt Reynolds
34. silvercamp (from mikewilliamsfan) BCP-JT Jake Thompson
35. raidersfan1983 BCA-JP Jose Peraza
36. olivetree 121 Michael Wacha RC
37. diem926 BCA-EJ Erik Johnson
38. ducc BCP113 Addison Russell
39. dimer10 BCP134 Tyler Glasnow
40. jla1976 BCA-RO Roberto Osuna
41. chrisyano (from olivetree (from coyotes01) BCA-DV Danry Vasquez
42. olivetree BCA-DL Dan Langfield
43. michigan300rum BCA-CG Cameron Gallagher
44. nordy22 BCA-NTR Nick Tropeano
45. nordy22 (from ajax1723 (from ktemme) BCA-TH Tyler Heineman
46. bluemarlin528 (from thefreak55 (from bowhunter3070) 103 Jose Fernandez RC
47. chrisyano (from diem926 (from michigan300rum) BCA-LME Luis Merejo
48. chrisyano (from nordy22 (from olivetree) BCP125 Corey Seager
49. bluemarlin528 BCA-TM Tom Murphy
50. aggies1960 BCA-JL Jake Lamb
51. rcspur (from t3st) BCA-MC Mauricio Cabrera
52. rcspur (from srt42004n) BCP206 Albert Almora
53. nordy22 (from hafish (from coyotes01) BCA-KD Keury de la Cruz
54. frozenntimesports BCA-JN Jimmy Nelson
55. nordy22 (from hafish (from coyotes01) BCA-AM Adalberto Mejia
56. edclay BCP178 Rock Shoulders
57. nordy22 (from ajax1723) BCA-AR Andre Rienzo
58. nordy22 (from coyotes01) BCA-OG Onelki Garcia
59. fly606us BCA-DG Deivi Grullon
60. michigan300rum BCP121 Adam Walker
61. dimer10 (from endthecurse (from lakesidez) BCP144 C.J. Edwards
62. archangel1775 (from srt42004n) BCA-HC Harold Castro
63. auburn35 BCP136 Gustavo Cabrera
64. needchapmans BCP220 Mac Williamson
65. ktemme (from aggies1960) BCA-MK Mike Kickham
66. archangel1775 BCA-JBA Jeremy Baltz
67. needchapmans BCP200 Lance McCullers
68. nordy22 (from charbs91) BCA-AS Austin Schotts
69. needchapmans BCP165 Carlos Tocci
70. nordy22 (from olivetree) Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 1
71. nordy22 (from chrisyano (from ktemme (from diem926) Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 2
72. dimer10 BCP213 Jorge Alfaro
73. axeldog15 Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 3
74. mike yoder BCA-LMA Luis Mateo
75. metsy617 BCA-PL Patrick Leonard
76. hafish (from ktemme) 154 HyunJin Ryu RC
77. archangel1775 (from srt42004n) BCA-WF Wilfredo Rodriguez
78. michigan300rum BCP119 Arismendy Alcantara
79. THEHUEYS 57 Jurickson Profar RC
80. jtsbuch BCA-KS Kyle Smith
81. marauder03 Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 4
82. nordy22 (from dimer10 (from coyotes01) Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 5
83. endthecurse (from lakesidez) Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 6
84. olivetree 139 Trevor Rosenthal RC
85. nordy22 (from chrisyano) Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 7
86. nordy22 (from marauder03) Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 8
87. nordy22 (from dimer10 (from coyotes01) Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 9
88. chrisyano (from nervo) BCP204 Rafael Montero
89. nordy22 (from squirtr) Colored/Base Vet Refractors Case 10
90. jfray BCA-AP Adys Portillo
91. nordy22 (from dimer10) BCA-JC J.T. Chargois
92. archangel1775 BCA-YA Yeison Asencio
93. endthecurse (from rob11nats) Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 1
94. dimer10 BCP158 Tyrone Taylor
95. archangel1775 209 Evan Gattis RC
96. chrisyano BCP190 Danry Vasquez
97. aggies1960 (from ktemme) 116 Shelby Miller RC
98. archangel1775 49 Zack Wheeler RC
99. thehueys (from chrisyano) 30 Gerrit Cole RC
100. dimer10 (from coyotes01) 134 Dylan Bundy RC
101. jerryw 89 Jackie Bradley Jr. RC
102. bbcardsrgreat (from t3st) BCP141 Alexis Rivera
103. dimer10 BCP117 Edwin Escobar
104. fly606us BCP210 Andre Rienzo
105. edclay 97 Anthony Rendon RC
106. bigsmitt92 BCP167 Breyvic Valera
107. olivetree (from ktemme) BCP131 Miguel Almonte
108. txrangersfan Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 2
109. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 14 Alex Wood RC
110. michigan300rum (from diem926) 71 Mike Zunino RC
111. bbcardsrgreat (from jla1976) BCP133 Tzu-Wei Lin
112. archangel1775 BCP132 Renato Nunez
113. michigan300rum (from diem926) BCP127 Victor Roache
114. aggies1960 (from ktemme)(from hafish) BCP154 Chris Stratton
115. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 140 Nick Franklin RC/217 Carlos Martinez RC
116. archangel1775 BCP214 Luis Torrens
117. bigsmitt92 Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 3
118. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 76 Jake Odorizzi RC/83 Mike Olt RC
119. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 192 Bruce Rondon RC/135 Allen Webster RC
120. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 64 Eury Perez RC/188 Tyler Skaggs RC
121. metsy617 (from thefreak55 (from artchie) Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 7
122. marauder03 (from nordy22 (from olivetree) Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 4
123. hafish (from chrisyano) Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 10
124. hafish (from chrisyano) Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 10
125. joeybats19 Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 7
126. ducc 4 Rob Brantly RC/23 Adeiny Hechavarria RC
127. needchapmans (from srt42004n) 181 Kevin Gausman RC
128. ducc 218 Paco Rodriguez RC/ 130 Nick Maronde RC
129. evdv Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 1
130. bbcardsrgreat (from philpot20) BCP156 Andrew Toles
131. txrangersfan Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 8
132. ktemme (from chrisyano) BCP171 Adalberto Mejia
133. olivetree BCP160 Miguel Andujar
134. archangel1775 Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 2
135. bigben BCP203 B.J. Boyd
136. endthecurse (from links242) Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 5
137. olivetree BCP174 Rafael De Paula
138. archangel1775 Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 3
139. fly606us BCP128 Deivi Grullon
140. needchapmans 8 Kyuji Fujikawa RC
141. ktemme (from chrisyano) BCP191 Jose Berrios
142. squirtr (from nordy22) Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 6
143. dimer10 (from nordy22) BCP217 Courtney Hawkins
144. matt4486 Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 4
145. nervo (from chrisyano) BCP199 Andrew Aplin
146. needchapmans BCP140 Jimmy Nelson
147. needchapmans (from coyotes01) BCP182 Roberto Osuna
148. bbcardsrgreat (from dizzyduff13) BCP215 Luiz Gohara
149. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 189 Tony Cingrani RC
150. nervo (from chrisyano) BCP149 Matt Wisler
151. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 11 Casey Kelly RC/12 Jeurys Familia RC
152. bpo BCP188 Mitch Brown
153. marauder03 (from nordy22) Fit the Bill Die Cuts includes Autos Case 9
154. bbcardsrgreat (from jedi500) BCP216 Luigi Rodriguez
155. ktemme BCP212 Jorge Polanco
156. bbcardsrgreat (from silvercamp) BCP151 Luis Merejo
157. bigsmitt92 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 1
158. shanehw Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 5
159. ducc Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 6
160. ktemme (from olivetree) 216 Mike Kickham RC
161. bluemarlin528 44 Jedd Gyorko RC
162. edclay Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 8
163. needchapmans BCP120 Deven Marrero
164. halfon86 Rising Thru the Ranks includes Autos Case 9
165. bbcardsrgreat (from silvercamp) BCP207 Eduardo Rodriguez
166. ktemme BCP184 Austin Schotts
167. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 31 Avisail Garcia RC
168. dimer10 BCP194 Tyler Pike
169. michigan300rum BCP186 Dylan Cozens
170. dimer10 24 Nolan Arenado RC
171. thefreak55 (from bowhunter3070) BCP192 Cody Asche
172. thefreak55 (from bowhunter3070) BCP187 Jose Peraza
173. needchapmans (from coyotes01) BCP168 David Holmberg
174. thefreak55 (from artchie) BCP138 Max Fried
175. needchapmans (from srt42004n) BCP152 Pat Light
176. nervo (from chrisyano) BCP123 Stryker Trahan
177. needchapmans (from coyotes01) BCP130 Mike Piazza
178. chiefs 123 Adam Eaton RC
179. michigan300rum (from diem926) BCP146 Nik Turley
180. ktemme (from olivetree) BCP179 Nick Tropeano
181. hohlernr BCP112 Nolan Fontana
182. billbanning 39 Oswaldo Arcia RC
183. dimer10 (from nordy22) BCP114 Mauricio Cabrera
184. michigan300rum BCP177 Cameron Gallagher
185. michigan300rum (from diem926) BCP180 Tyler Heineman
186. ktemme (from hafish) 147 Didi Gregorius RC
187. squirtr (from nordy22) 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 4
188. archangel1775 BCP205 Kyle Smith
189. frozenntimesports BCP111 Daniel Watts
190. bluemarlin528 (from fly606us) BCP170 R.J. Alvarez
191. evdv (from olivetree) 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 2
192. michigan300rum (from diem926) BCP147 Jeremy Baltz
193. ktemme (from ajax1723) BCP124 Dan Langfield
194. metsy617 BCP202 Patrick Leonard
195. michigan300rum BCP157 Matt Reynolds
196. ktemme BCP161 Jake Lamb
197. hohlernr BCP118 Onelki Garcia
198. ktemme (from chrisyano) 115 Nate Karns RC
199. evdv (from olivetree) 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 3
200. archangel1775 BCP189 Yeison Asencio
201. auburn35 BCP159 Andry Ubiera
202. evdv (from olivetree) 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 5
203. auburn35 BCP115 Marco Hernandez
204. evdv (from olivetree) 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 6
205. needchapmans BCP201 Tom Murphy
206. squirtr (from nordy22) 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 7
207. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 54 Alex Colome RC
208. thefreak55 (from bowhunter3070) BCP219 Keury de la Cruz
209. frozenntimesports BCP116 Jack Leathersich
210. needchapmans (from coyotes01) 9 Aaron Hicks RC
211. thehueys (from michigan300rum) 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 9
212. thefreak55 (from bowhunter3070) BCP196 Luis Mateo
213. needchapmans (from coyotes01) BCP122 Erik Johnson
214. evdv 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 8
215. nordy22 (from rcspur) BCP211 Jin-De Jhang
216. needchapmans (from srt42004n) BCP126 Harold Castro
217. evdv (from olivetree) 65th Anniversary Refractors includes Autos Case 10
218. needchapmans (from coyotes01) BCP129 Francellis Montas
219. evdv (from olivetree) 28 Kyle Gibson RC
220. thehueys (from xbignick) BCP135 Zach Eflin
221. jfray BCP175 Adys Portillo
222. michigan300rum BCP137 J.T. Chargois
223. matt4486 108 Marcell Ozuna RC
224. bbcardsrgreat (from endthecurse) BCP208 Anthony Alford
225. thefreak55 Base Vet Case 7
226. ernieren BCP139 Ty Buttrey
227. evdv (from olivetree) 55 Alfredo Marte RC
228. bigsmitt92 BCP142 Jeremy Rathjen
229. needchapmans (from coyotes01) BCP143 Ismael Guillon
230. halfon86 190 Matt Magill RC
231. mike yoder BCP153 Rainy Lara
232. nordy22 (from rcspur) 68 Brett Marshall RC
233. jtsbuch BCP145 Jorge Martinez
234. nordy22 81 Adam Warren RC
235. ARMYATC22 207 Melky Mesa RC
236. needchapmans BCP148 Wilfredo Rodriguez
237. matt4486 BCP209 Dustin Geiger
238. marauder03 (from nordy22) 10 Brandon Maurer RC
239. jstbuch BCP155 Taylor Dugas
240. evdv (from olivetree) BCP195 Gabriel Encinas
241. thehueys (from michigan300rum (from diem926) BCP166 Ryan Court
242. nordy22 (from goa's) 62 Jonathan Pettibone RC
243. needchapmans (from srt42004n) BCP162 Parker Bridwell
244. needchapmans (from coyotes01) BCP163 Matt Curry
245. needchapmans (from srt42004n) BCP164 Viosergy Rosa
246. marauder03 Base Vet Case 2
247. thehueys (from michigan300rum) BCP181 Wade Hinkle
248. hafish (from shanehw) BCP176 Yohander Mendez
249. nordy22 (from hafish (from artchie) BCP198 Hanser Alberto
250. needchapmans BCP169 Derek Jones
251. bbcardsrgreat (from jla1976) BCP185 Joan Gregorio
252. statguy1.1 BCP172 Saxon Butler
253. aggies1960 (from ktemme)(from hafish) 202 Nate Freiman RC
254. nordy22 (from rcspur) BCP218 Tommy Kahnle
255. ktemme 212 Sean Doolittle RC
256. metsy617 BCP193 Julian Yan
257. evdv (from olivetree) 166 Vidal Nuno RC
258. needchapmans (from coyotes01) BCP173 Nestor Molina
259. chiefs 168 Carter Capps RC
260. edclay BCP197 Michael Perez
261. hafish (from fly606us) BCP183 Drew Steckenrider
262. thehueys (from hafish (from shanehw) Base Vet Case 1
263. thehueys (from hafish (from michigan300rum (from diem926) Base Vet Case 3
264. needchapmans Base Vet Case 4
265. bigsmitt92 Base Vet Case 5
266. auburn35 Base Vet Case 6
267. thehueys (from michigan300rum) Base Vet Case 8
268. archangel1775 Base Vet Case 9
269. evdv (from olivetree) Base Vet Case 10
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