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Default Pokemon S&M Burning Shadows Box Break

I bought my two sons a box of Burning Shadows to split. They broke it last night.

Pretty good box overall, with 7 GX's and an additional secret rare GX. Here's what they pulled, if I can remember correctly:

Charizard GX (20/147)
Salazzle GX (25/147)
Marshadow GX (80/147)
Gardevoir GX (93/147)
Salazzle GX (132/147)
Two other GX's I can't remember


Noivern GX secret rare (160/147) - these cards are awesome

Anyway, 8 GX's in a box seems pretty good, so they were excited.
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yes 8 Ultra rares are normal ratios for box with 7 being normal and last one being either Full art or Secret Rare. You should get around 5-6 Rare holos as well.

Nice hit on the Charizard GX though. Charizard stuff will always be nice to get.
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