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Default Ebay Rant- Air Jordan NOT AUTHENTIC return

So I sold a pair of 2011 Jordan Retro 3 Black Cements in January. The buyer opened a return claiming they were "not authentic". I know they are the real deal. As a seller, I couldn't accept the return based on that reason. Additionally, because of the buyer's 'reason', the seller is responsible for return shipping. I thought that was bullsh*t. Anyhow, I tried to fight it and ebay "stepped in", refunded him, charged me $14 shipping AND took $37 in final value fees. I called and tried to get my FVF's back but their policy is that if THEY have to use their resources(not a computer program) they take them. So between Priority Shipping ($24), Return Shipping ($14) , FVF ($37), I got the shoes back and lost $75.............. F*ck ebay, bastards.
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You'd think by now people would understand the laws ... but nope.
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You should have just accepted the return. At least you got the shoes back, there was a time on Ebay where anything the buyer said was fake was not required to be returned and the seller still had to refund.

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If its not a big ebay account for you & they charged your credit card hit THEM with a chargeback!
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