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If you look at the last 100 (estimated) major sport injuries, they basically all have used the same two doctors. We got very detailed medical descriptions on what happened, estimated heal time, and estimated get strength back time and the like. We got a timeline, which was accurate almost every time. With Luck, we got nothing like that, and it is 14 months now since the injury.

The times we did not get such, which in football the only one I can recall is Montana, although there have been plenty in other sports, there was a reason why they were not being upfront. Rather, we had Colts coaches questioning if it is mental. This questioning is based on the history of other athletes, and pretty much what we have in this example.

There is a lot of information on such on the internet, here are a few links.

A Coach’s and Athlete’s Guide to Rebounding from Injury

Mentally Preparing Athletes to Return to Play Following Injury

Understanding The Psychology Of Injured Athletes And Returning To Play

I do think Luck will return. I also think history has shown us, it won't likely be the same Luck. Do not get me wrong either, I wish the best for Luck, which is the best for the NFL. The NFL needs him, and we, as collectors need him. It is looking that in 3-4 years, the NFL may be without a single superstar. Not my desire at all.
Always looking for low numbered Tony Gonzalez cards.

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Originally Posted by MeteoriteGuy View Post
It is looking that in 3-4 years, the NFL may be without a single superstar. Not my desire at all.
Wow really? You actually believe this part or are you just messing with us?
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I have to assume that Josh got assurances, as much as he could, that Luck is healthy for next year.

Good luck to him
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