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GRADING For all grading talk - PSA, BGS, SGC, etc

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Default Beckett Single Grade Service

What is everyone's thoughts on this? The flip side I see to this service is the premium between a true gem mint (all subs at least 9.5) and a non-true gem mint with one 9 sub grade (and three 9.5 subs) will be gone on cards with single grade service label because there is no way to differentiate a true gem mint from a non true gem mint. I understand that it may not matter much for low end cards but there is a 10-15% premium difference for high end cards between a true gem mint and non true gem mint. For example, Mike Trout's 2011 Topps Update Red border BGS true gem mint (quad 9.5 subs) sold for $6800 whereas the same card (BGS 9.5 with one 9 sub) sold for $6000 this year.

Do collectors still prefer Sub-grades on their high end cards? I would assume yes but wanted to hear others thoughts as well.

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Subgrades all the way. That's what separates BGS from the other grading companies. High subgrades get premiums, so I would always slab with subgrades!
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on a side note, for all those crossover people that assume PSA looks at the subframes on crossovers, I had a non subgrades BGS 9.5 card cross to a PSA 10 recently.

I personally don't buy or care for BGS graded cards.and I would only buy a non-subgrade one for a substantial discount (which they seem to not bring in the same premium resale value).
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I thought about using this as an avenue to get bgs 10s and black labels. I can care less about the 9.5's I would just dump them on the market and move one.
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