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Default Upper Deck E-Pack Autographs, Costumes, etc.

Joined Epack a couple of years ago to pick up some 2016 Jusko Marvel Masterpieces. I got 11 packs before they sold out. Since then, I've bought some Alien, Clerks, Agent Carter, Spider-Man: Homecoming, 2017 Goodwin Champions, and a few random packs, generally looking for autographs.

I've finally requested my first shipment of cards which consisted of my pulls, plus trades, and one card that I bought from a member here. I was waiting as long as I could to place a large order to mitigate shipping costs. Once I got over 100 actual cards, I went ahead and ordered them delivered (directly, as I'm not on COMC). Shipping was nearly $30 for the 108 cards, but they were very well-packed and I got them very quickly, in less than a week, probably because I'm on the West Coast like COMC is.

This is an unusual break, I know, but I am the first owner of the cards once they'd become "actual", so I thought I'd share them here.

In addition to these shown, I also got the complete Spectra Etch, Holo-Foil, and Canvas (91-100) Marvel Masterpieces sets (which I mostly traded for), so I was really happy to finally see those in person. I actually haven't bought any regular packs from most of the products shown below (I got one discount box of Spidey: Homecoming) so these are the first examples most of these sets I've actually had in hand. Upper Deck still makes some great looking cards.

Spidey relics. Apparently the one on top is an SSP for whatever reason. I'm going to try to sell these as I don't usually collect relics.

Spidey and Alien autographs. These are mostly keepers for the PC. I'm really pleased to finally have a Henriksen. I loved him in "Near Dark". Kenneth Choi will always be the "Spirit of St. Lewis" (from "Last Man on Earth") so that one's an instant favorite, too.

Clerks autographs and manufactured relics, pretty much all keepers. (I bought a triple auto of Dante, Randall, and one other person, so it'll go nicely with these):

Autographs from Agent Carter (and one Dr. Strange)

Goodwin Autographs, all of which I traded for. I'm tickled pink to have Johnny Rotten cards showing him in both his Sex Pistols and Public Image, Limited days. He was one of the last people I ever thought I'd see with a certified auto card!

The big finish, some Stephen Kings from 2017 Goodwin. I actually bought the King Autograph from a member here for a nice price, and then he included a whole bunch of bonus cards that I was actually able to trade for one of the Johnny Rottens above (and a little more besides), making it a really fantastic deal for me. Thank you again for your generosity, sir.

On the two little black border mini-cards, one is supposed to be the canvas version, but they look the same to me. I wonder if they made a mistake and gave me two of the same card or if there just isn't much difference between the two styles.

I'm jdandns on Epack and still have some actual (and plenty of digital) cards left, so let me know, anyone, if you want to trade for any of those. I can give you a great deal on the digitals, especially if you have some Stephen King digitals to trade for them.
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Dottie, Sousa, and Rose, you did good on the Agent Carter packs.
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Cool cards! Thanks for posting.
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