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Default Ebay Payment Not Going Through?

Is anybody else having problems receiving paypal payments from buyers for things you're selling on ebay?

I won a card on ebay about a week ago and promptly paid. I received email confirmation from ebay and paypal stating that I paid. My bank account shows the money being deducted from my account for the payment.

But when I view my purchase history summary in the ebay app on my phone (the page where it shows you all the items you have purchased recently) it says "payment pending" instead of having the red "PAID" stamp on the item listing.

When I click on the specific listing to see the detailed listing information for just that auction, the ebay app then tells me that the item has been "paid but not shipped."

I didn't think much of this for about a week and thought it was a glitch in the app. Since I had email confirmation from ebay and paypal that I paid for the item then I figured I did all I had to do.

Today the ebay seller messages me stating that they are having issues with paypal and that it's not letting him accept payment. He says it's apparently a bug with an update. He wants to know if it's okay if he refuses my payment and if I can pay again.


Is anyone else having this problem or seen this problem before?

Can the seller refuse my payment since I already paid? If he can and he does refuse my payment, are my paypal funds going to be locked in limbo for a few weeks while the refund processes? Should I wait until the refund processes before sending payment again?

Thanks for any help.
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This happened 2 weeks ago,I was a seller of a card.Buyer paid and I couldn't get the payment.PP message was I had to get verified,which I refuse to do.FOR reasons I'm not going to get into here.
So I contacted the buyer and I refunded his money,then had him send it to my e-mail addy for PP.Money went through,got a nice feedback from buyer.
Very nice guy,told him I was sorry for the inconvenience.
As far as refund goes should go went back into your acct.
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Actually my seller account is suspended for non-payment even tho I paid the Oct 1st my new invoice still has doesnt show the $85 i paid
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