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Default Marvel Ultimate Battles Boosters and Starters

Marvel Ultimate Battles Boosters and Starters
This is a product change. The Iron Man and Hulk Starters for 2008 Marvel Ultimate Battles have now been combined into one starter deck.

The battle begins now!

The greatest heroes and villains are ready to help you fight in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil.

Build your deck!

Battle your friends!

Key Selling Points:

Game features the most famous characters in the Marvel Universe, especially those that have been highlighted in movies in the last 5 years.
It has very simple gameplay that is enjoyable for young kids and adults alike.
The cards are be visually stunning and look more like trading cards than TCG cards.
The game is fundamentally about heroes fighting each other - the way to win the game is to beat up all of your opponents guys, there's no "life total" or "combo deck".
Its a quick and fun game - no game involves pondering a million decision - the first instinct is probably your best.

Target Audience: Boys age 6-12

Marvel Ultimate Battles includes:

165 total cards in set



9 Cards per Pack + 1 UDE Points card

24 Packs per Box

12 Boxes per Case

Release Date: May 2008

Starter Decks:


48 Cards per Deck

8 Decks per Box

12 Boxes per Case

Release Date: May 2008
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