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Default A breakers simple guide to streaming online breaks and randoms

Some history:

I started breaking in early 2011 with BlogTV. Man, that was a great time because they had like this online "waiting room" where you could see what breakers were filling breaks and everything was very smooth. Younow bought out BlogTV not long after and it went to crap.

From BlogTV we moved to ustream mostly. Some breakers liked VaughnTV also. VaughnTV was suddenly inundated with breakers and the regulars complained so Vaughn created BreakersTV.

There were also a couple small shop streamer startups that failed miserably. I tried to get BO to create their own streaming site and we spent about 6 months exploring that but ultimately BO said they were pretty good at selling boxes of cards and decided to just keep doing that.

I tried using youtube directly and after following all their instructions I still couldn't get a quality picture and so I gave it up.

In 2016 ustream was purchased by IBM and I really thought it would make everything better there. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. Chat stopped working and videos would no longer port over to youtube.

Breakers was not much better. For me, personally, the only thing I can get to work consistently on breakerstv are the ads. My stream locks up regularly and the quality is no longer there.

Then, suddenly, I saw breakers live streaming on youtube. I looked into it and sure enough, they had vastly simplified the process.

Now ustream has discontinued their free service. Who is going to actually pay for their crap service I don't know.

There are breakers who stream on Facebook too. I can show you how to broadcast for free on Youtube, breakerstv, Facebook, etc, all with just 1 camera and 1 mic.

Some basics:

You will need a camera and a mic.

I know what you are thinking, "Don't most cameras come with their own mics?" While this is true, the mic quality is a bit lacking. However, you can use that mic.

Cameras. Logitech makes very affordable cameras that will broadcast in full HD. In the old days you were limited by the streaming service, but now you can broadcast in full HD. Heck, you can probably broadcast in 4K now too, but if you can't, you will soon.

I currently use the Logitech c930e and I love it. However, it is a bit outdated. Logitech now has cameras designed specifically for streaming. Also, they have cameras that broadcast in 4k.

Here is my camera:

I go straight to their website to learn about new cameras:

I usually buy on amazon though (not a referral link):

Mics. You just want something clear and camera mics are not usually that good. Do NOT get a mic headset though. Nobody wants to hear you breathing like darth vader.

In my past life, I did a lot of voiceover work for websites. So my mic might be a bit of overkill, but I have used this forever and it is great. AT4040

The picture shows the newer AT2020, but you get the idea.

Some software:

What I am going to show you here is both all free and simple to use. You can make this as complicated as you like. is the best tool I have ever found for breakers. It allows you to stream to just about everywhere with the same camera. I am the Godfather of multistreaming, but I had to do it with two or three different cameras back in 2012.

I am not going to walk you through downloading and setting up (or anything else for that matter). There are tutorials and walkthroughs and everything is pretty simple. So work it out.

I still use ManyCam because I am used to it and because I like the way you can easily stream your desktop. You don't have to use manycam, but it has some great filters and fun stuff.

I use manycam for picture in picture as well as desktop broadcasting. ManyCam basically becomes your camera - so when you select a camera from the list of available camera on your device for or youtube or whatever, select the ManyCam "camera" and not your actual camera.

Some random thoughts:

Run your own randoms. It is 2018 for crying out loud.

Broadcast your desktop while you are running randoms. Holding your camera up to your screen is so 2011.

The guy behind set up a new system for saving your randoms:

It will cost you either $1 per random (that is all 3 rounds though - so if you run a 3x random, it is still $1 and not $3). There is also a couple package deals $15/100 and $25/unlimited (per month). Just build the money into your breaks - NO ONE is going to complain about paying an extra 3 pennies for transparency in your randoms. I use the $15 plan myself.

You get a verification code after every random. Clicking the code takes you to the exact random and shows every round (I always use a 3x random so you can see all 3 rounds).

This link will expire in 30 days, but feel free to look at my post history to find a recent random and click that verification code.

Also, see that box above? You can click that link to see all my randoms in the last 30 days. There is no way to delete a random from that link. So if there is any funny business going on, you can see it there.

If you are breaking on this forum and you use the method above (broadcast your desktop/save your random as shown), you can run your own randoms.

Some conclusions:

With ustream eliminating their free service (they were trash anyway), I decided to put this guide down in writing finally. Feel free to ask questions and I will answer.

If you want something added, post away and I can probably fine tune the op.


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