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Default Chrome Helmet - What pen?

Hi guys,

Not TTM, but this was the closest section to my question and where I thought I might find some opinions.

Jaguars are coming to London later in the month and I'll be part of the open training session where I'll get to meet the guys (if they haven't all ended up on IR!).

Unfortunately no-one in the UK or Europe is stocking their new plain black helmet in mini versions - the only one I can get from our Europe NFL store is a chrome mini, and that's fine - it's something different and I like that.

My issue is, what pen do I use? It's a silver chrome lid, so I've been recommended a white paint pen. I have ZERO experience of paint pens - I usually just rock a gold or silver sharpie for my other mini helmets.

Is there any recommendations of what pens/colours to use on a silver chrome mini? I'll be stood in line with the guys coming by in bunches, so I'm worried I won't be able to prep it between each auto.

Any recommendations at all? Or am I over-thinking it and with a pump of the tip will the paint pen be fine?

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I would use a white paint pen or a black paint pen. Use a Deco or a Prisma. Just make sure to test it like on a photo or a card first to get all the paint out because you do have to do that because you have to make sure the paint is flowing. Also make sure to press in the paint pen on the tester thing too. You don't really have to prep it in between guys. Once the paint is flowing in the pen it will be fine. Just make sure to let it dry fully before putting it back and be careful for it not to rub against anything or anyone as it will come off. However, if you do want to use a black sharpie, I am not sure how it being chrome will effect the surface, you could cover the helmet surface in baby powder and just wipe it off with a cloth, carefully. If you do do the sharpie route, I would recommend using a fresh sharpie, and maybe change sharpies if you plan on getting a whole bunch of guys. Good luck!
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