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Originally Posted by Magickyak View Post
I was watching. I was at MSG for the last TJ/Cody fight and I was a little disappointed it didn't go for another round or two. Was hoping for more this time, but nope, that was that. I'd love to see those two actually fight for a good 3-4 rounds but Cody just seems to be his own worst enemy. I was spoiled by that Garbrandt/Cruz fight and was hoping he would have more fights like that in the future.

I had the Flyweight fight 2-2 going into the 5'th, and really thought Cejudo's takedowns made the difference. I was leaning Cejudo, my buddy was leaning DJ, so it was really that close. Personally I gave 5 to Cejudo though so was satisfied with the outcome.
I totally agree on the TJ Cody fight. Like Rogan was saying he was just loading up on his punches I know he tends to load up for the most part anyway but it just seemed like he tried to add some more extra mustard on those loaded punches. He wasn't trying to use his movements and speed like he did in the Cruz fight either. You could tell he was trying avenge his loss to TJ in the same dramatic fashion.

Thinking back now the face off right before the match was kind of the microcosm of the fight... cody was no glove touch garbrandt and TJ was as cool as a cucumber.

Kind of a shame, I thought it couldve been a better fight.

Killashaw though..... woooooo .... he is on point.

He is so fun to watch.
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