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Default 2012 Topps Chrome - 1 Case - Solid

Hi all,

So I got in very early on the pre-order and was able to get a case of 2012 Topps Chrome at a good price. I broke the case over the last two days and enjoyed it very much. I did not pull a red parallel, a super, a patch auto or an insert auto, I did get a very nice range of cards. Here are some observations and some scans:

- There was great card collation as I was able to put together three full base sets and am only 10 cards away from a fourth.

- I completed an entire 1984 insert base set

- All autos were in exactly the same location in each box

In the future, I would probably do two cases to balance the hits etc. but I do believe if I were to sell everything I would at least break even.

Here are the scans:

Non auto hits:

The RGIII is out of 99 and in the last box
The Brock is a variation which was a nice pull as well


More autos with the hit of the case:

The photo variation RGIII is really a beautiful card. The down side is that it is a sticker auto and not numbered but it is harder to pull than a Camo so I would hope the numbers are pretty low. Pulling six redemptions is the best but as you can see from the redemptions, I did receive a very nice array of colors and players. The two Wilsons help out as well. It is a shame about the smeared auto but at least it wasn't a bigger hit.

Let me know your thoughts. I also pulled a ton of other refractors, though nothing earth shattering. I am still debating whether to redeem or sell the redemptions but who knows.

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Nice RG3 (x2)! Sucks that the Kuechly auto is smudged a little since he is selling so well.
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Pine Tar
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Man that is nice, but this stuff has to many redemption in it for me
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griffin, martin, two wilson's....nice break .
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Its interesting, that you noted all of the autos being in the same location. I was going to post a thread in regards to that.

I opened my case, and in 10 of the 12 boxes, the auto was in the 2nd to last pack on the back/left hand side of the box. It took me 3 boxes to figure it out, but box 4 thru 8, I just pulled that pack out and opened everything else first . And sure enough...there it was. The "colored" refractors were also always on top within the first 4 packs.

Awesome pull on the Griffin!!!!
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Originally Posted by indyguy View Post
Nice RG3 (x2)! Sucks that the Kuechly auto is smudged a little since he is selling so well.
no #@#@#@#@ he's selling well. he's killing my bank account with his rising prices!
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