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Default papiis01 thief scammer criminal loser

This thread here:--
--is what prompted my membership here, I apologize that it could not be for more positive reasons.

I will sadly & unfortunately out this person more for your protection than mine. It grieves me that someone would stoop so low to take advantage of another person but this scum treads just high enough above murky filthy swamp waters all in an effort to get and in some cases steal football cards.

Since the late summer of 2010, this papiis01 as you have come to know him has made efforts online to both assume and steal my identity in an egregious effort to obtain "Taylor Price" cards from one of the only two people on earth with better collections of this "below average and recently traded player." He has social engineered by sending bogus warnings to ebay sellers, he has manipulated sales of cards by winning/not paying on one ebay account, then rebidding & preventing bids of others (namely me) and winning twice the same card at a fraction of the previous sales tally.

For your amusement and also perhaps disgust, for your inspection:

(Posted to another board, the unnamed individual is papiis01)

Beware friends at (other board) of a man called papiis01 apparently in Rhode Island or somewhere close on the East Coast. From the "one & only" Munchiesthemonkey here in Sunny warm San Diego California.

It was brought to my attention that a deadbeat, pardon my harsh but accurate description of him, has attempted to steal / mimic / pretend / fake / my identity on ebay. He has since being banned from (other board), eBay, & other collecting sites attempted to return with 2nd/3rd/et. al accounts each of which he also ruined.

It's no secret I collect Taylor Price cards, overcollect, supercollect, sometimes obsessively & compulsively. Is he really worth it? Most would say, who? I don't collect to make money or invest, just for the chase and thrill. My former supercollectees... Ryan Leaf, Trent Edwards. Ya If I were investing I would be better off investing my retirement in Enron. I do try to dominate print runs by buying multiple dups. This is fun for me.

The un-fun. An unfortunate current member of (blabla), eBay, and who knows how many other collecting hubs has tried and partially succeeded in attempting to ruin my collecting reputation, by mimicing my ebay username, outbidding me on auctions, then being a non-paying bidder deadbeat. I have received numerous complaints and bids removed on auctions saying "I'm" the deadbeat that doesn't pay.

My eBay fb is 100% buying & selling. I pay fast and prompt everytime period. If i bid 15x on a card I'm trying to win it, unfortunately some cards couldn't be outbid, those by the imposter, deadbeat aka "(the man with no name)" from Rhode Island. He changed his ebay username to "munchiesthemonkey711".

Odd that he made a few very large purchases but only later decided to be a non-paying bidder. He has experienced the consequences of being banned before yet resurfaces his ugly head once more.

I will be exploring the legal ramifications of libel and slander in the near future. Beware papiis01 you've gone a bit too far with your scalawagging. If Gramps were here he'd say, "You no-good fer nothing rapscallion, good riddance to ya." (Update: legal proceedings are underway, you won't be hiding behind that keyboard much longer)

I hope karma returns the favor sooner than later. (Update: karma is a dodge truck, as it runs you over try to read the emblem on the side ....R A M...)

And for those that would like an update on my health struggles (Guillain-Barre Syndrome). I am progressing always forward with determination and inspiration from God. The next day always better than the last. I am still in a wheelchair but have upgraded from manual to a power-chair. I am standing and weightbeiring on my heels, man it hurts but no pain no gain. I am typing better but fingers still a bit contracted. The only disappointment, ..."What happened to my Chargers!"


(From another post, about papiis01)

You want to hear disgusting. This deadbeat bid a card past $60 then did not pay. Seller relisted the card and removed my bid calling me a deadbeat non-payer and removed my $55 bid, item sold to same deadbeat with a new fresh ebay account (1) whole feedback, for $17.

I lose a card I wanted, seller loses money, only the deadbeat "(the man with no name)" aka alias luke scott aka munchiesthemonkey777 aka his new ebay with 1xFb wins mysoxrock711. Who says crime doesn't pay, this crook is getting over on everyone with ZERO accountability, responsibility, and dignity. Hes like Bernie Madoff, he Madoff with cards paying pennies on the dollar.

Now that's disgusting!


Ebay hides names of bidders which is why i never knew someone was copying my nickname and trashing it.

A few sellers on ebay mailed me with concerns about a scammer with (1) feedback going by the name "mysoxrock711"?

papiis01 is quite a (lovely person if only he could find jesus and repent his sins). He trashed his last ebay account with the nickname "munchiesthemonkey711" and now this very creative new ebay account surfaces "mysoxrock711." You don't need Dr. Watsons help to deduce an obvious similarity. And the card I referenced in my last post where he deadbeatedly did not pay, he bid and won with the mysoxrock711 name. Too bad the seller didn't figure out his scam sooner.

Beware of the bidder mysoxrock711 if he should bid on any of your auctions. another face to this multi-headed deadbeat loser.


I have spoken at length with ebay's forensic fraud investigation team this morning. It's not easy finding a way to report my problem, I was all over the website clicking in circles finding many dead ends. By speaking on the phone, that was the only way I could find help.

They are taking this matter very seriously. I impressed them with my own investigating skills, due to working in computer security since 1998. I also explained my disability but this in no way makes his crimes better or worse, if anything my disability has sharpened my mind that much more, not that I was a dimwit to begin with.

I provided links to posts made in places other than here, pictures of him from his You Tube account to be useful for local authorities, bidding and buying histories on multiple ebay accts proving fraud, theft, and shill bidding.

O_O He also committed international cyber crime by defrauding someone in Germany across international lines.


Evidence eBay links:

item #150716440293

1st time papiis01 aka (lovely person if only he could find jesus and repent his sins) won the same card. Here under alias munchiesthemonkey711

item #150716440293
A list of auctions won by munchiesthemonkey711, see item #150716440293 for $62.99, a match.

drum roll...........................

Relisted due to non-payment
item #160704056089
2nd time papiis01 aka (lovely person if only he could find jesus and repent his sins) won the same card. Here under alias mysoxrock711
A list of auctions won by mysoxrock711, see item #160704056089 for $17.67 a match.

He stole $45.32 from seller ranmatendo, from Germany. Fraud/Theft call it what you want.
The very next day... papiis01 aka (lovely person if only he could find jesus and repent his sins) posted this here at blowout cards :

Topic: Ebay Shipping Question?

How long does it take an item from Germany to get to the USA ?

Posted one day after winning the card a 2nd time.


I am in talks with 4 ebay sellers he has defrauded and won't name them without their permission, I do have his real name and address in Rhode Island but will not post that because I have dignity, honor, respect, and won't sink to the same level as this stain on the fabric of humanity.

**edited for colorful adjectives poking fun at his acne for "papiis01 aka (lovely person if only he could find jesus and repent his sins)"

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