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Blowout TV w/Matt Live and On-Demand Box and Case Breaks w/ Host Matt

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Default 16/17 Panini Immaculate Basketball - 5 Case Snake Draft (2) Team Break!

2016/17 Panini Immaculate Basketball - 5 Case Snake Draft (2) Team Break

Configuration: 5 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 6 cards per pack.

- Immaculate Collection boasts the most diverse collection of game-worn memorabilia sets of the year, which feature jumbo jersey swatches, patches, emblems, logos, and logoman.
- Shoe Cards! Sneaker Swatch Signatures, Laces (new!), Tongues (new!), Sneak Peek, and Sneaker Swatches all feature specific swatches from shoes of some of the most iconic NBA stars--past and present!
- Rookie Patch Autographs and parallel versions all feature prime memorabilia and on card autographs!
- Find Dual, Triple and Quad Autographs, including Dual Rookie Logoman Autographs!

- 5 Autographs or Memorabilia


Quad Autographs showcase player combinations from the same team, draft class, country, and more!

These top rookie pairings feature on card autographs and logoman swatches from each!

Find a list that pairs players like Shaquille O'Neal, John Stockton, and Karl Malone with the rubber and leather that kept their tires on the road!

Celebrate timeless NBA moments with the players who achieved them, and their autograph to commemorate them!

Looking for a chase? Each player features one unique card for every letter on his nameplate!

Every card is a one of one, and each displays a full logoman swatch!


15 totals slots in this break with each participant receiving (2) teams in a (5) case lot of 2016/17 Panini Immaculate Collection Basketball.

*These cases will be opened live on release date (10/4) via Blowout TV. I will upload the video to YouTube directly after breaking and then move into the randomization of names and hits.

*I will conduct (1) randomization via with the list of (15) participants randomized (5) times. This randomization will serve as our draft order (1-15) in which each participant will select an NBA team. At the conclusion of the 15th pick, we will then draft back up (15-1) in reverse order until the 30th and final team is selected. *The results of this random and any future rounds in this format will be uploaded to YouTube and embedded in this forum.

*In the event of a card being pulled from this break that needs to be randomized, the following rules will apply:

-If you own the majority of the card (ie: 2 Lakers and 1 Celtic) the card will be awarded to the team with ownership greater then 50%. If there is no majority the card will be randomized among all teams represented.

- Cards not represented by a current NBA Franchise: (ie: ABA Teams that folded) In case we pull any cards not represented by a current NBA franchise, these cards will be randomized among all participants in the break.

**Payments for this break will be due ASAP and are encouraged to be sent immediately.

**Packages will be sent via USPS if they can fit into a standard bubble mailer and UPS ground if they require bigger packaging. Due to the volume of this break and spot price, all packages will be sent with signature confirmation!

**This break will take place October 4th (Wednesday) via Blowout TV starting around 11:00 AM EST (assuming this break is paid for in full and the live date does not get pushed back).

**You can watch the live stream of the break via - BlowoutTV on Breakers.TV

PRICE POINT: 15 TOTAL SPOTS - EACH SPOT GUARANTEES YOU (2) teams in the (5) case lot of 2016/17 Panini Immaculate Basketball

Current website price on this product is $2900*5 = $14,500. Shipping within the United States for this break will be free! spot price in this break is $966.67 per. Depending on interest in this break it is possible we can run multiple rounds!

Ways to claim spots:

1.) Contact me directly via PM or email at

2.) Post in this thread how many spots you would like.

3.) Contact me via Breakers TV - BlowoutTV on Breakers.TV

*US Customers - Shipping is included in the price above!

*Canadian Customers - Flat $18/order (UPS Canada Standard/USPS Priority Mail Intl)

*If you are an international customer outside of Canada we will be happy to ship your items directly to a registered COMC address. If you wish to have your cards shipped to an international destination, your request will be handled on a case by case basis.

Please make sure all shipping information in Paypal is up to date and accurate (I will only ship to verified addresses).

Please make sure you put your User ID name in the info box when sending payment (ie:Matt_blowouttv - RD 1 2016/17 Immaculate BBall)

If you need to run a Credit Card for this break please use the link below and follow the specific steps. Please make sure to put your User ID name in the payment box with "RD 1 2016/17 Immaculate BBall"

Pay for your LIVE breaks via PayPal or Major Credit Card!

To pay for spots in a group break or individual box orders please follow the specific steps below - Direct Paypal: (Please remember to send as paypal goods and please put your User ID name in the info box)

1) Please use the following link to pay via Paypal or Credit Card -

2) Under "what is this for" - Please type in your specific order with Breakers TV User ID name and click "Buy Now"

3) Enter the specific dollar amount in the top left box and hit "update"

4) For Paypal orders please sign using box in the middle of the screen and proceed to checkout for specific items.

5) If you do not have a Paypal account and want to check out using credit card please click the link below the Paypal sign in which says "Do Not Have a Paypal Account." After doing so please fill in your specific credit card information, billing/shipping address and hit the button at the bottom of the page which says "Pay."

If you have any questions about the break, please do not hesitate to email me directly at

Good luck to all as we look forward to hosting another fantastic break!

RD 1 --


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14 toohod (1)
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Spot 14 please
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Originally Posted by toohod View Post
Spot 14 please

Fist bump!

Thanks Mike!
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