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Default Paypal/Bank account-debit/credit card Scam - FYI

The answer to what happened to me doesn't match what paypal actually says here:

received a notification on one of my accounts for a transaction in $50 on my debit card.

Problem is I don't use the card regularly and don't have it linked to anything. Logged into the bank and see a $50 charge with Paypal and some weird name next to it.

Called the bank and filed a fraud case. Nothing ever showed up on the paypal side and again the card isn't linked to anything.

I used it recently to pay for a service through homeadvisor and about a month ago with a place that beckett came to for some autograph authentications. Might actually be the only 2 times I used the card ever.

I believe one of those places was hacked or used my card for something else.

Now I can see the whole transaction the phone # that shows is 402-935-7733

I am getting a new card and the charge was reversed.

Keep an eye on your accounts and getting notification for any transactions happening for over .01 is a great service banks provide.
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and 402-935-7733 is PayPal customer service:
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