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Default Question from someone that does not collect MTG

Ok technically I did collect for a brief period of time in the late 90s I believe when I was growing up and the MTG took off, but nothing since then.

Long story short, I have a box of Aether revolt that came from a Target store and states "Bundle - Now with 10 boosters" on the box.

Although i collect sports cards, I have no idea what any of that means.

As a card collector, I naturally enjoy opening packs even if it's something i don't collect, but only if there are any "chase cards" of value otherwise it's completely boring for me.

So I was wondering if this particular product has any cards with decent value? even if the odds are 1:10,000

I consider it ominous that I had this box sitting on ebay for an entire month at only $32 and could not sell it, but I figured I'd ask in here anyway.
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Gaming is entirely different. The value is based in most cases on usefulness to the game itself. Obviously with MTG age will also come into just like in sports, the original and older sets that were not high print run will retain value to those that can afford it. I got into MTG a few years back, 4 levels of rarity common, uncommon, rare and mythic rare. Sometimes you will get something that is uncommon that has more value than half the rares or even mythic rares in the set. Booster is just the common term for pack as most sports collectors know it, ie you get a booster pack to boost your deck or collection if you want to look at it that way. There are no MTG cards that fall with insane pack odds, newer stuff is released in wider format than ever before, you see MTG everywhere not just hobby shops. The older stuff to find sealed is becoming harder and harder and more expensive.
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Originally Posted by BravesFan4Life View Post
There are no MTG cards that fall with insane pack odds,
Not entirely true.

So, the bundles used to be called fat packs. They're kind of like blaster boxes, mini booster boxes with fewer packs. They also have some lands and maybe another few goodies inside.

The reason it isn't moving at $32 is because Aether Revolt is an absolutely horrific set for value. The top two cards are Heart of Kiran, a mythic, at about $15-$20 or so, and Fatal Push, an uncommon, at about $8 right now. Walking Ballista should also be worth a couple bucks, but anything past that is pushing it for value. Even the Planeswalkers are only worth a buck or two each, and usually they're $10+.

So in short, Aether Revolt was just a bad, bad set. Really bad. Horribad. Wasn't much fun to play, and the card value is horrible.

There is a Youtuber by the name of The Professor, who runs the Tolarian Community College. He plays the Booster Box Game, where he opens a booster box and sells the contents and if he makes back the cost of the box, he'll buy another and keep going.

He'll usually do OK on the first one and make it to box 2. For Aether Revolt, he hit every big value card and still fell way short.

But back to the point of the first response being not entirely true:

The ONE saving grace is a super rare subset called Masterpieces. They're ultra-foily and look much different from the other cards. They fall about 1:2187 cards (I think are the officialy odds, but I may be +/- a couple hundred... definitely above 2000 tho) which equates to 1 in about every 4 booster boxes. They're very rare. I have never opened one and of the about twelve booster boxes I've had opened around me for drafts with friends there has been exactly 1 pulled.

Their value ranges from $20 to maybe $100 or so, depending on the card. The odds of the bundle having one is what, assuming it is 1:4 boxes, it'd be 1:14 or 1:15 bundles. Not the best odds, but if you hit one, a fun bonus.
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Conventional wisdom is that no sealed product since Return to Ravnica in 2012 is worth holding onto because the print runs were so high. With only one exception, you can find full booster boxes of anything since then with nearly any retailer at or below $100, which is the normal price for a new set. The only bundle, or fat pack, of recent vintage worth picking up if you happen to come across one at the $40 SRP is the "Battle for Zendikar" one, as it contained a package of "full art lands," basic land cards where the art covers the whole card without the little textbox. They look nice and most people like to use them in their decks. But that in itself isn't worth the price of the fat pack. If you find one, you might be able to sell it for $50. Maybe.
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