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Default Island Dreams - 20 packs

Here's my break of Island Dreams, I was very happy with what I got. A very good selection of artists and sketches. When they were put up for sale, I bought 5 packs a day until they sold out. I thought about buying some more on Sept. 1st when they had a few more packs available, but decided to give others a chance to get some.

Nathan Ohlendorf, Mike Vasquez, Mike Thomas, Johnny Segura
Victoria Lukas, Pablo Diaz, Lak Lim, Marlo Lodrigueza
George Leon, Brian DeGuire, Dan Gorman, ?

horizontal sketches:

Jesse Hughes, Tim Proctor, Brian DeGuire
Karen Colley, George Leon, Cayce Moyer
Kristen Bellati, Tom Krohne, Tim Proctor

bewbs, part 1:

James Bukshot Bukauskas, Lynne Anderson, Jason Thor Lohmeier, Lak Lim
Hanie Mohd, Vince Sunico, Doug Riggsby, Kristen Bellati
Veronica O'Connell, Mel Uran, Steve Lydic, Doug Riggsby

bewbs, part 2, plus inserts:

Joseph Miller, BOO, Scott Zambelli, Amy Fletcher
Marco Carrillo, Jon Riggle, Fer Galica, Marco Carrillo
Cayce Moyer relic, Kimberly Dunaway relic, Johnny Segura signed by Doyle Grisham, print redemption

4x6 sketches:

Rusty Gilligan, BOO

Lots of great sketches, but here's a closer look at a few of them:

the relic sketch cards are super thick. one has green rocks, the other has silver slivers

hard to see, but all the lines on the Hanie Mohd are done in gold paint pen. and Veronica O'Connell is an amazing artist.

love these two Doug Riggsby sketches, they are both funny and sexy

The two 4x6 sketches were great, I wish I had pulled a couple more. I also thought the two Tim Proctor sketches were outstanding, as were the two by Kristen Bellati. It was also cool that Kristen's 9 year old daughter Victoria Lukas did some sketches, I got both of their mermaid sketches in the same pack. Not pictured were 4 redemptions for music CD's. I'm glad that I saw this set posted on Scoundrel Art and that I was able to help out a good cause.
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Great stuff, we really wanted a coin/relic card and you got two great ones! If you are considering moving anything, we'd love to get the Brian deguire sketches and segura sketchagraph.
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I pulled a bunch of 4 x 6 sketches I'm going to be looking to trade -- any interest in trading some of your regular sketches for 4 x 6s? I'll have scans at some point -- sooner rather than later if you are interested -- I picked up a lot of packs so I have a ton of sketches.
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pm's sent, thanks!
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Nice stuff Aggie!! I opened 10 packs (made a thread), didn't hit a single 4x6 but hit 2x sketchagraphs and 3 redemptions. Are the 4x6's same type of card stock? was just curious. Awesome stuff, and those coins are sweet!!
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