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Default Good place to buy commons to complete sets?

I have several sets I am trying to complete. A lot of what I need are commons. Where are good places to go to complete these sets at reasonable prices? I have tried trading on many forums (including this one), but people are either not interested, or they are looking for Bryce Harper rookie cards (for example) for commons! I am aware of sites such as, and, but I can't bring myself to pay $0.20 or more for commons. Anyone know of any better options?

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COMC and Sportslots are going to be as good as it'll get. Look around on Sportslots for sellers that have a good number of cards you need to avoid multiple shipping charges
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I've gotten rid of a bunch of stuff but let me know if you're looking for anything from the past couple of years
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Old 12-31-2017, 05:43 PM   #4
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base set
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NVM. You mentioned They seem to have fair prices & reasonable shipping costs.
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What sets are you trying to finish or working on? BO really isn't the right forum for set builders as most here trade higher end cards or are looking to sel or buy cards. May I suggest the Bench or Sportscardforum as alternative sites for you as there are many set builders on those sites especially the Bench. I have a bunch of base or commons from some sets because I buy boxes but don't build sets. I try to trade them for inserts & parallels of my PC players. I also try to sell them with most ranging from a nickel to a quarter each depending on the BV associated with each card. GL on your search & keep building.
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I just set up a rough website with my lists. Due to shipping costs, i would only be interested in trades involving a decent number of cards. Make a proposal and I will consider it. My lists can be viewed here (links at the top):
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