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Default 2 more ebay deadbeats

paulsmall7411 - sent several low ball offers, never anywhere close. Then a week later he sends an offer on one of the cards for exactly what I told him I would accept. Of course, no payment and opened Unpaid Item. Closed after 4 days and relisted the item. Miraculously he shows up and wants to pay. Sorry, once you stiff me I'm done and you're blocked. Sent me several messages (and there was even another offer from someone in the same zip code) so I finally took the card off ebay and sold it to a friend. Even after it's gone from Ebay I still got a couple messages. I just stopped responding

sports5487 was addicted2sportsstore until 1/9 - won with best offer and never responded to Unpaid item. Literally minutes after I close the UPI and got my credit he messages me with the death in the family and can I relist it so he can pay right away. (up to 4 messages including a request to unblock) Answer...see above! (Also a seller)

I do this for fun and to make a few bucks to by more stuff for the collection. I don't need the hassle! I've never in 20 years on ebay had someone try to buy the item after I close the UPI and I get 2 in a month!

Anyway, use this info however you see fit!
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+2 blocked
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This should be made into a sticky for how an Ebay call out should be done. Thank you for the heads up OP, two deadbeats blocked.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who follows the "one and done" rule. You non-pay me once, you're blocked from ever purchasing again. I've even started to include people who return items as well.
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