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Default 05-06 UD Portraits Story / Scans

I wanted a box of Portraits after reading so much about it in a hobby magazine and noticing that it was just released. I called my hobby store to ask them save a box for me and was told that it sold out the same day it had arrived, but they were expecting another delivery in a few days.

The day of the delivery I made sure to be there. I joked that I would probably have bad luck since I missed the first shipment, so I decided to go for it and purchased a second box hoping to improve my odds.

I broke the first box as soon as I got home and was very excited when I saw a dual 8x10 Chris Paul/Marvin Williams autographed card #32/40. They were the 4th and 2nd draft picks of the year. I waited until after dinner to open the other box, thinking I had already pulled my big card. When I opened the second box, I pulled an 8x10 Andre Iguodala autograph and was pleased.

I was thumbing through the other six cards from the box when I noticed an extra card still in the box. When I picked the extra card up, I could not believe my eyes! It was a redemption card for an 8x10 Quad autographed card of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Dr. J and Larry Bird #/10.

It took over a year and a half of waiting for Upper Deck to send it (redeemed 1/9/06 - received the second week of August, 2007), but well worth the wait. I still have the three portraits in my collection.....Enjoy!

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Wow, very nice story!
Check both links! Different items in each.
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Not bad at all! That would be one very nice mailday!
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Very cool, I like the photos they chose for the quad...none of them look squeezed in there.
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